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Jade Gordon
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I've been loving the decals so far! I'm trying to decide what large decal I might use to cover a problem area on a door in my apartment (using one on another door and it works so well!).
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My Spoonflower ID is the same as my name here! I'd love 1101 Crescent Skirt, I've been wanting to wear more skirts, and I love that this pattern has some structure and POCKETS.
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I've been using cheap craft scissors, and the only pinking shears I own are only good on paper. I don't even HAVE fabric scissors! That is how much I'd need them!
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The recent podcast with you and Anne where you talk about gaming... I felt especially moved and motivated, so more of that? Also, JoCo stories are very welcome!
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Hey! Would you like a print of the fanart I did with your cape in it? Please e-mail or tweet at me and I'll try to bring it along! :)
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I just missed it, but was very glad it had been recorded so I could still catch it! I think what many folks said, a little more stability would do wonders, but I'm not so picky as to need more than that! I generally like the fun and lighthearted feeling behind this and the silly YouTube short posts! Readings are also much appreciated, as I love them so much in podcast/YouTube or live show form! I would also appreciate more behind the scenes and live show stuff if possible, as I can't travel around and catch all the shows (but I try super hard to see as many things as I can locally!). It is also much appreciated that you let we fannish folks in on more personal moments of your life, I imagine that's been really difficult with some of the more notable abuses this year. I for one really dig getting a more balanced view of you as a whole human being, in your own time and of your own choice (vs., you know, un-reality TV, glammed up plastic bobbleheads, and that weird dubious ethics/unprofessional vibe that comes along with.) - hooray modern tech and DIY ease! I also hop on to the missing RFB train. Toot toot. P.S. Mrs. Wheaton video-bombs would be spectacular! She's AMAZING on Twitter. :) P.P.S. Cats always win at internet.
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Dec 2, 2011