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Great info Harlan! Thanks for posting. Gordon
Harlan, while on the topic of Revit.ini, can I throw a question out? It may be something that would be good for another helpful post like this one. In working on our new Revit.ini, I notice that in 2011 we had a couple of [PerformanceOptimizations] turned on. Namely ParallelWallJoins=On ParallelPrintProcessing=ON I am wondering if these are still needed in 2012, or is this handled automatically. And are there any new optimizations we should be aware of. At this point all of our machines are quad core, so I would hate to roll out 2012 and not be taking advantage of all the new speed tweaks. Any info you might have on any of the Supress...Warning stuff under [Messages] would also be great stuff to publish. Thanks! Gordon
Harlan, I can get close with a REG file, or some VBS in my case. But there is still some weirdness. In my script I delete the entire AllAnavDialogs then build new values from scratch. I don't put the My Network key back in at all, as in our office there is 100% never a time when this is the appropriate behavior. I also don't include Imperial Library, as at the top I have an Office Library that points to the network resource. In that folder is a link to the OOTB content. The problem is that Places still shows My Network, right above History, and then has Imperial Library right below, but it actually points at the folder on the network with the office library. And yet, those two keys don't even exist in the Registry, as if they are hard coded into Revit. BUT, if I move anything, those two get pushed into the registry. They show up at the bottom of the list, where you have to scroll to get to them, so they can easily be ignored, but still some strange behavior I think. Thanks! Gordon
Harlan, this is great stuff! Any chance there is an XML file in the deployment that builds the Revit Places content? We would love to add the local user's Links folder to Places, as well as rename the Families Library stuff. An XML that supported this would be a godsend, as doing via script after the fact is proving problematic, and asking users to do it manually isn't going to work.
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May 3, 2011