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Here's some quick thoughts: 1. Agree with this point, but not with your reasons. It's tough to determine "death" however, so you're going to have to define it. If you go with the accepted definition of "clinical death", which states that both the body and the brain have stopped functioning, then there actually have been cases where people have been revived from this state. If you want to maintain your position on this, you're going to have to define what it means to be "alive" and what it means to be "dead". In either case, you're probably going to appeal to some form of consciousness or awareness as well as physiological activity, both will lead to gray areas that anyone can dispute. Better, it is easier to say: "the afterlife cannot be empirically verified, so we can't know if it's real or what it's about". 2. The existence of God is a question of metaphysics, not of empiricism. To call this second point a "metaphysical truth" is confused philosophy. This "truth" should be removed from your list. Why you ask? Because if God is a metaphysical being, then the only way we can know him is through rationalism, not empiricism. If God could be proven empirically, then he wouldn't be supernatural anymore, he'd be natural... ergo not metaphysical, ergo you should again remove this "truth" from the list. 3. This claim is also deniable. Some religions claim that they are valid than the others, and so who are you to say they are not valid one way or another? The only way to make that sort of claim is to presuppose that you know the cold hard truth about reality and existence. And you don't. Once again, you seem to be espousing an opinion... not a rational "undeniable truth". 4. This claim is deniable on the grounds that it presupposes supernaturalism is impossible. You can neither prove nor disprove supernaturalism, and so to claim miracle-working powers aren't possessed by anyone is epistemologically false. 5. "Nobody can know this is fact or fantasy"... so why is the fact that it can't be corroborated some sort of "truth"? You're resorting to circular reasoning here. "Spiritual experiences never can be corroborated ... because nobody can [corroborate them]" is essentially your argument. Circular reasoning is not valid! 6. No shit! That's why metaphysics is backed by rationalism, and naturalism is backed by empiricism! 7. Once again, your esposing an "undeniable metaphysical truth" and then saying it's not really a metaphysical truth because it is your opinion that materialism is our foundational reality. 8. I agree with this point, but it should be removed from your list and directed to a discussion board since it is debatable. 9. Now we're getting somewhere. Again, more discussion-worthy than "undeniable truth", but this can stay. 10. Opinion. Overall, nice try. You need to change the name of your list to "My Top 10 Reasons for Materialism/Naturalism" because it seems thats what this list is.... just a bunch of opinions and half-baked philosophical ideas pertaining to but not necessarily about metaphysics.
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Jul 27, 2013