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@Zyme - were you ever curious about why this hysterical book burning happened in Germany - but not in other countries like Great Britain, US, France, etc.?
@Zyme, I thought you are a lawyer! It doesn't matter if the majority of Americans and Germans approve of torture. Torture violates the US Constitution as well as the Grundgesetz - so if we want to torture we first have to change the laws. President Bush took an oath of office to uphold the US Constitution. Clearly, he failed to do so, and so should have been impeached. Finally, there is not a shred of evidence that torture is an effective technique of interrogation. There is an abundance of evidence that torture produces unreliable or false information.
@Jake, Thanks, for the links. Interesting parallels to Dzokhar Tsarnaev - the Boston Bomber. All his friends rave about what nice kid he is...
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Zyme - I'm in New England. Let me know if you are back in the States so we can meet for a beer. Together we can solve the world's problems.
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