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This is an interesting discussion. And a bit odd too. Because being number one is not a matter of deserving. Its a matter of winning and counting points. And if Caroline Wozniacki ends up being number one, its simply because sha has been winning enough matches. Its much more interesting to ask the question: How? What made this young scandinavian lady win so many matches in such a short time? I think that Steve Tignor has some good conclusions, and I fully agree on, what drupa posted above. I have been following CW for some years now, and I would like to add one more - and very important - point on, what makes her (one of) the best players in the womens tour: Her willingness to train and improve on the weaker parts of her game! When she is interviewed, she always says something like: "Well I am young, I know I have to work hard, and I know that there are so many things I have to improve!" Lots of players says stuff like that, but Wozniacki looks like the means it. Compare CW 2009 with CW 2010. Her forehand is so much better now. Her 1. serve is so much better now. Her volleys is still not world-class - but much better than last year. Her ability to change her way of playing has improved - she is by far the smartest player of the young generation on the tour. This is vital. She really wants to add new aspects to her way of playing, and thats why I believe, she has a great chance to be the worlds number one, two or three for many years ahead.
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Oct 4, 2010