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I love the theater experience. There are some movies that are just better on the big screen. The opening night of LOTR: Return of the King was incredible with people in costume and cheering and clapping. My kids say they will never forget it just like I won't forget opening night of Star Wars when I was a kid. That doesn't mean it couldn't improve. Prices are too high for what you get: theaters in general aren't pleasant to look at, dirty, and have expensive food that's very low quality. Going to the theater to see a movie is like going to a sporting event. Sure you could stay home and watch it on TV, but there's nothing like seeing the whole big thing in person. I just wish theaters took the whole "experience" thing as seriously as sporting venues do.
On Intelliflix: I signed up with them three days ago and they are showing no signs of life. They've shipped nothing so far and haven't indicated if/when they will. Not a good sign in my book.
Netflix is like the WalMart of movie renting. They provide low prices, large selection, but lousy customer service. But just like WalMart customers, we keep coming back even though we know they use unfair trade practices and treat their employees like crap. I'm all for paying more money for better service. I've seen where people have posted that they're paying an average of $1.60 per movie. Super! I'm paying about $4 per movie on the 5 out plan and I'm getting no better service that anyone else. I agree with the previous post that stated that we want this to work. I want Netflix to be a great profitable company. If what they're doing is not working for them, they should change it and stop punishing loyal customers. As a business person I know it's easy to get them in the door, it's harder to keep them coming back. Offer a premium service that, for an annual fee, you get top priority on turn around no matter what plan you signed up for. Or, and anniversary incentive: been a member a year, you get a free upgrade for a month, or whatever. Reward the customers who reward you for being a great business by at least thanking them for their loyalty.
There are people complaining that are paying to keep out 3 movies and only getting 10-12 movies a month. I'm paying to keep out 5 (over $30 a month) and, because of throttling, am only able to recieve 10-12 per month. I think I'M the one being screwed! Doesn't it make sense that if I'm paying more money to have more movies that I should be able to get more movies per month than someone who's paying less? I've never heard of a company where you pay more to get less. I'm checking out Blockbuster and Gameznflix.