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Brian Gill
Indianapolis, Indiana
President of GPS Medical, Inc.
Interests: 4D ultrasound and new and used ultrasound equipment. I enjoy evaluating and creating ultrasound reviews here on this site. In my home life, I am a father, coach, and board member of my local school corporation.
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Are you using the printer that came with the Voluson e or are you installing one you purchased elsewhere?
Thank you Philip, I have video captured for the M-Turbo ultrasound review and I will be posting it soon. They take a while to produce, so it's a matter of free-time. I like the M-Turbo, and my opinion of it has changed since my initial capture of the video. I like it a lot and it does a nice job imaging. I also have videos coming up for the Mindray M7 and some comparisons of the Voluson 730 systems. Thanks again for your comment, Brian
Hello Dr. Far, Yes, there is a large difference between the two systems, and the Mindray is quite a bit better. The LogiqBook XP is considered more of a low-end portable ultrasound while the Mindray M5 is considered a mid-range ultrasound. THe Mindray M5 is a competitor to the GE Logiq e, which is the upgrade/newer model of the GE LogiqBook XP. There is quite a big difference between image quality between the two, and the LogiqBook XP is not being made any longer. They are all refurbished units. SO, the difference in price is definitely warranted. Plus, the Mindray will come with a long warranty and the LogiqBook XP is only available refurbished and has a shorter warranty (adding a longer warranty increases the price too). I hope that helps. Thanks, Brian Gill, President, GPS Medical, Inc. [email protected]
Anthony, Also be sure to check out the video I just posted on the Voluson i. It is much more in-depth.
Hi Anthony, I have not yet done the side-by-side comparison (as of early February 2011) but I should have something next month. There are a few advantages to the M7, and the images I've seen look very good. The key will be that it's priced lower. I have not heard anything negative yet, but again, I haven't seen it first-hand. Are you looking in the near future? Contact me at [email protected] and I can answer some more of your questions or follow=up with you when I have more information. Thanks, Brian Gill, GPS Medical
Hi Alan, For the DVD Recorder, this is common among all portable machines. In fact, most require an external DVD burner if you want to burn any images. For live recording, however, the Terason has an advantage in this way. If you use Camtasia to do the screen recording, you'll get a much higher resolution recording on the screen, which you can burn to DVD in a few different formats. I set up a few Big Ten universities with this setup to do some vascular studies and it worked great. Much better than when they were using an analog signal and capture card or DVD Recorder. Other machines have to go through S-Video or a converted VGA signal, which definitely degrades the quality. Also, the machine should ship with Nero, which will do a conversion for you to the MPEG format. Unfortunately, I'm not Terason so I can't respond to your comment about the nearfield range. Possibly it's corrected in the new Terason T3200 or in future versions. I'll write and let you know if I hear of anything. -Brian Gill President, GPS Medical, Inc
Hi Dr. Singh, I have only had one service issue with any of the Mindray products I've sold and it was a minor battery issue. I've had Mindray systems in the field for more than 2 years and the service record has been better than any other. Apparently Mindray makes its own parts. Although it's a Chinese company, I've found nothing cheap about them. Granted, however, I did not recommend some of the early iterations of the M5 because of its color Doppler, but the quality is excellent and they haven't broken down on me yet.
Regarding the Price on the DP-6600, I haven't run into a problem with the price for vets... depending on what you plan on doing with the machine. For very very basic stuff, it might be overkill, but for those who want a new machine with good imaging, private vets and veterinary hospitals found it to be a good fit... however it depends on what types of studies you're doing. Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what studies you're performing. Maybe I can help. Thanks, Brian
Hello Emilios, Sorry, my original response apparently did not get posted. I would not consider the DC-7 a "High End" system such as the Philips IU-22, GE Logiq e9, or the Siemens S2000 systems. Those systems have higher-end technologies that you would typically find in a specialized environment, research environment, or hospital that would typically see more difficult patients and more rare cases. For OB/GYN use, the high-end systems would be most often found in perinatology, or other specialized environments that may require the highest frame rates or imaging technologies to help in more difficult environments. The fact is, most mid-range systems today provide image quality that is more than adequate. We have many OB/GYNs who are happy with older ATL HDI 3000 units, GE Logiq 400s and other systems that haven't been around for many years. The Mindray DC-7 would be most comparable to the GE P5 or the Siemens X300 system. Probably better than the Philips HD11, but that's a fairly subjective comment. I hope that helps. Brian Gill President, GPS Medical, Inc. 866-347-7633 [email protected]
Hello Morton, Thanks for writing. The answer to your question of the SonoSite Titan vs The Mindray M5 is quite easy.... if the prices are similar, the Mindray wins hands-down. The imaging is markedly better and the machine is much more versatile in nearly every category imaginable... But most importantly, the image quality is much better with the Mindray over the SonoSite. If the prices are within $5,000, there is no question at all. If it's more of a price difference, I'd say go with the Mindray M5 unless your budget cannot handle it. These should be priced about $10,000 differently. Please write back if you have any questions. THanks so much for writing! Brian Gill President, GPS Medical, Inc.
Hi Chappy, It sounds to me like you need to reinstall the software and you possibly have a bad motherboard. If you've had this problem repeatedly, I would suggest contacting GE and getting a replacement system for what you've purchased unless this has been a somewhat intermittent problem. The Voluson E8 BT08 system has been much more reliable and we haven't had any issues with it. The main issue we've had with the GE Voluson e8 BT08 system is the fact that its improvement has been quite dramatic. We've had some issues with the presets at this point and we've figured out some excellent improvements to the 2D and particularly the 4D imaging, which is quite a trick because it has so many different customizations and optimization tools that trial-and-error is often the best way to go. Many GE applications specialists and others have noticed this, too, regarding the Voluson e8. But we've pretty much nailed it down. Give me a call if you're looking to replace that Voluson e8 BT06. The e8 systems are tough to find but worth the wait. -Brian 866-347-7633
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Mar 15, 2010
THank you for the comment! We have received good feedback from customers on the image quality of the Acuson P50 as well as the Terason unit. They both achieve similar image quality and it does well in this market. Thanks for visiting! -Brian
The Titan systems are all similar and don't have as much of the advanced technologies as you'd see in the MicroMaxx. I would assume you would need one with a standard 60mm convex and the endovaginal transducer. Contact me at [email protected] if you have other questions.