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Every time I get a letter in the mail from one of the bigwigs I think, "my God, I've finally done it - I've finally said too much." Then I open it to see more grovelling for money. God, they're desperate. So what can be done? Denise Juneau is a fine example of the problem. She could have a chance if National would allow her to untie one arm from behind her back and talk like Bernie Sanders, or perhaps how her mother might have talked. But that won't happen, because if it did then fundraising to Juneau would be cutoff. Sure, maybe not the small donations from Montanans, but do those really get the job done anyways? So I'm not expecting much, other than another disgruntled and jaded Democrat come mid-November 2016. It's so obvious that Democrats don't want to take the legislature as they're doing nothing to get the rural areas. Gianforte gave us the exact map we need to follow, meeting with townspeople or precinct captains. Instead the state brass does nothing. Clearly you're right - they have no plan.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2015 on Twits at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Oh, I'm sure I'll be banned at MT Cowgirl eventually. Not sure who runs that, but maybe the recent trend of posting fountain fluff is just a way to weed out all the undesirables. Make them say outrageous things in the comments so there's justification to rid 'ourselves' of them. I dunno, Norma Duffy seems like she has some good ideas, but I don't think those ideas will ever see fruition - she can't get elected. When you get into a rut like that you usually stay there, and since she and many other MT Democrats are so old, I doubt they'll be learning new tricks. They definitely won't change. The main problem that Montana has is a lack of good jobs. What jobs we do have pay a lot less than other places. We're all taught to believe this is justified since we live in such a wonderful place. So take what you're given and be thankful. The top blogs of the state, and the state newspapers, all perpetuate this. They never report on our lack of jobs and they never put out ideas on how we can get better jobs. I suppose any idea there is will be shot down anyways, as infringing on some fringe group. If people in this state were making more money, I doubt they'd bitch as much. Economic times are bad, and Montanans have their pride stolen by asking for help all the time. We depend on government too much because our government won't help get good jobs here. I guess the Helena bureaucrats get to skim some off the top of all the federal dole money. So having more people poor benefits them, keeps them in a jobs. Terrible cycle.
I'm glad Ellie Hill helped bring new taxi service to Missoula - we need it (from what I hear, I don't use it as a bike would be faster). There were some pretty bad comments from a former Missoula taxi driver on the Independent last week. I'm certain that in the long-run, those Uber drivers will lose out. Is that Hill's fault? I don't think so. I also don't think it's her fault that many might not be able to serve as drivers, as I believe your car needs to be 2010 or newer. But if it gives more options to consumers, that's great - Democrats should be doing that! Democrats should also be focusing on unions. The AFL-CIO meeting a month or so ago at the hot springs was…drab. I'll say drab. They need more people! We need to get our tourism industry unionized. I also feel talking about the big banking hold on Montana Democrats is long overdue. Infrastructure is great, but spending all that interest money, $67 million by my calculations, and when we have money in the bank? Please. The two main Democratic blogs of the state decry our lack of discussion and the voices in the media, but when other blogs discuss these things, they shy away, pretend they don't notice, or worse, block you. How is that getting at transparency and inclusiveness? I don't know. Things are pretty messed up.
I can't help thinking of Larry Kralj when I read this, someone that commented all the time on that site until about a year ago, when he got banned. I kind of miss him, but a lot of people felt getting rid of those comments was a good thing. I think you really bring up some good points, and those are who gets to speak and who doesn't. I was also thinking tonight about Montana Democratic leadership, and I was comparing and contrasting the leadership of the two parties during the last session. GOP leadership was young. In the House you had some young people in key positions. For the Dems, it's not the case. Dems are much more 'wait in line,' while the GOP is more 'damn son, if you can do it, go right ahead!' Maybe there's more ego in the Democrats. I heard a good one a few months back. Ego = edging out God. Democrats would never consider that quote, however, which I believe might have come from Dave Ramsey. But that's on Fox radio, so it's a no-no. Alas, what can be done? Gianforte gave us the perfect map to follow to re-energize our far-flung precincts, but Keenan has done nothing. I've said before that her leadership is no good right now, but maybe I'm wrong. She's an old woman that feels her time has come, even though it's passed long ago. Remind you of anyone? I'm afraid Democrats will turn off a lot this year, meaning turnout will be low. People are not excited about Hillary! Well, old women are, but that's about it.
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Jul 19, 2015