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Several people have already commented on how an increase in education has significantly helped in the development of South Korea, but I think it is also crucial to note that the increase in education was the utilized by the government to employ a ‘highly competent respected set of officials [who] were able yo help guide and promote economics and social development.’ It was also interesting to read in this paper about the more specific motives for South Korea’s development such as ‘the desire to free their country from its economic dependency on America, the new military leaders were motivated by competition with a rapidly industrializing North Korea.’ This goes back to an earlier question I had about why certain countries were developing and others weren’t and how that is likely in part due to other countries having more or different motivators than others. Also, of course, noting that some countries lack resources even if they do have motivators. I liked in this article that some of the costs of economic development were mentioned too. While development is beneficial, it is important to also realize some of the costs such as water pollution and the social costs. One of the social costs being the exploitation of cheap female labor.
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Oct 7, 2021