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Hi, I guess I'm in stalker mode today. :) i go back and forth with reaching out to people in the stroke community. i just wanted to comment because so much of what you're saying resonates with me. i have to say that my one year anniversary was a difficult time, i just passed that hurdle in march, march 24 to be exact, and I'm still dealing with my emotions, I'm not so bold to write about those feelings in my blog, so i really admire your openness. i think it's great that you are comfortable typing all this one handed., i can't seem to get over my mental annoyance that i can't type and express myself like i used to. I'm a bit of a perfectionist in that way, and this stroke has forced me to accept imperfections but I'm still struggling with accepting the typing thing. i wish i had words of advice for you, but all i can offer you is that although I've never met you, you seem like a strong woman, i'm inspired by yoour strength, your fight and your positive outlook. from a physical standpoint, i'm very well off. i walk without assistance, my hand/fingers/wrist are my only real weak points, but i still can't imagine a day when i'll be back to my pre-stroke self. i believe it will get better, but i don't know to what extent. so i applaud you for believing in yourself. it really is a mental battle and i know i need to adjust my thinking, but i don't know if i have the strength. but you, you're confident and strong, and i know you're going to pull through. it's going to be rough and i get that you're tired. me too, but it's going to be ok. i'm seeking counseling for some of my issues, maybe that's something you might consider in addition to the physical therapies that i'm sure you're devoted too. but please look after yourself, it seems like you've got a good support network you can rely on, and if it would be helpful you can reach out to me.
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Mar 28, 2011
Thanks for sharing your blog with me, I think it's great you write so honestly, I think I try to hold back (only because I'm too lazy to type too much with one hand). I enjoy small victories too, I was quite proud when I opened my first door with my left hand. and showered. and bra! I never thought that opening the door for someone might actually steal a victory! I try to open doors with my left, but since My right hand is usually readily accessible, I default to my right unless I really think about it, but I.m gonna pay more attention now and try to use it more! Thanks! Keep writing! This is great! is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 28, 2011