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Kristal Leaver
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This might be a picture-heavy post - I am still in awe of my new camera and snapping shots every few minutes. So when we went out on the boat this past weekend, it was a treasure-trove of picture-taking-opportunites!! I was feeling like a bad Mama because I didn't enroll... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2013 at Grace Goods
Oh you Fairy Goddess you!! You never fail to delight and bring wonder into an ordinary world!! You have really outdone yourself this year - the time you spent making those teeny tiny little bits of wonder!! Hats off to you Vanessa. I am so happy to be participating in the party this year. Thanks again for hosting such a fun treat. Kristal @ Grace Goods
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2013 on Mad Tea Party ♥ 2013 at A Fanciful Twist
It's time for a little magic, a little delight and a little mischief. Won't you follow me? What do we have here, a key? But whatever could it fit? A very large door? Or maybe a very small door Oh, we must hurry inside, A storm is coming. You know... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2013 at Grace Goods
A girl after my own heart!! Books, I love them!! I belong to an online book site where you can create a personal shelf of all the books you've read, books that you want to read, book that you just love the covers, any book you can imagine!! I have added my personal shelf with my all-time favorites. I will suggest a few here: 'A Gracious Plenty' by Sheri Reynolds - about a girl who lives in a cemetery and can chat with the local ghost / 'Labyrinth' by Kate Mosse - historical fiction during the Crusades. Can't wait to see what you pick up and here how you enjoy it! My favorites:
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2013 on In search of... at A Fanciful Twist
Dear Vanessa, I have participated in your wonderful parties before but alas, life just got a little crazy for me and I have found myself overwhelmed with so many projects. But one of my goals this year was to blog more. Well, I did one better. I started a brand new one!! And I would be so delighted to join in this years fun!! So please dear, add my name to your magical list. So looking forward to the festivities!! My blog: XoXo, Kristal
**WARNING: This is a random post* I finally sat down to download the pictures from my new camera to my computer. Me thinks I only took a 'few' pictures....413 items later, all the pictures are downloaded!! The main set was from the 4th of July, but unfortunaltey I was in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2013 at Grace Goods
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Jul 3, 2013
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Jul 3, 2013
A few weeks ago, Mr. Goods lucked up on a great deal on a boat. Needed a few little repairs, but since that is what he is good at, he thought he could buy it, fix it and then sell it for a profit. So we are now the proud... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2013 at Grace Goods
For our 11 year anniversary, my hubby purchased a DSLR camera for me. I have been wanting one for awhile and I am totally excited about it!! I have also been contemplating starting a new blog, I am having some major issues with Blogger and Google on my computer -... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2013 at Grace Goods
Trying to learn a new blog platform. Please be patient with me. Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2013 at Grace Goods
Trying to learn a new blogging platform Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2013 at My Blog
Grilled Cheese and Claussen pickles...the best lunch ever!! Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2013 at My Blog
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Jun 27, 2013