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Fascinating thesis. I agree with you that Facebook is not particularly "intimate". But, they may be able to solve this with a couple of mini-hacks. For example, one could be giving you the ability to have an "inner circle" of friends (within the 2,000 you have). This could work much like how folks use private lists on Twitter. That way, there's the "public facing" friends list (you know, where you friended that uncle out of sheer guilt), but the internal/private/intimate list is a completely different one. They've taken a couple of passes at this already (building lists and now the new groups), but it's never quite taken off. If I were them, I'd just call it the "inner circle" and give people one-click access to add people to that private list right from the feed. And, let you see a feed based just on that inner circle. But, that's just me. And it's 3 am here in Boston.
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Nov 1, 2010