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I appreciate the summary, Steve. It is very useful. Since you are seeking feedback, and obviously very responsive to it, I would suggest breaking this very long article into sections. I may have attention problems, but I find it exceptionally hard to maintain concentration and follow a logical flow in a narrow column that I must constantly scroll. Section 4 From Value to Values seems slight and needs more work. Sections 2 Manager - Control to Enable and 5 Communication - Command to Conversation seem to overlap, and might even be combined.
I will look for the source, but I read an article on education recently that pointed out the great difficulty of teaching working class children (and children of more feudal and hierarchical cultures) to question ideas and reason for themselves, the very characteristics they will ultimately need in order to lead.
I completely agree. Toxic organizations never laugh. Mediocrity is inversely proportional to sense of humor squared.
I love what you are saying here, Steve. If we applied similar criteria in every area of business and life, we would see a quantum leap in performance and a new sense of opportunity among women. I am trying hard, as a middle-aged man, who grew up, like you, in Australia, to ask is this how I would like my daughters, wife, mother, sister, or female friends to be treated? The answer, even now, is almost always no. We take easy attitudes like "that is how the world is" or "women are just not assertive." In my opinion, this is not always a male problem. Women have the same attitudes toward their own sex, and tolerate treatment of women that ranges from unfair to criminal. They talk about violence toward women, and its graphic depiction in books and movies, as though it is a grand old tradition, an inevitability.
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Sep 16, 2010