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"Firstly, if children we brought up correctly, and disciplined by teachers, and their parents, then they would not take drugs" So what went wrong in the upbringing of all those MPs that have admitted past drug use (or had it admitted for them)? The fact is, whether alcohol, tobacco, caffiene or MDMA, people will take drugs and always have done. "Most think that alcohol is like a drug, it is not" That statement is beyond laughable. "Also, the damage that drugs do is pervelent from day one, and it does turn most psychotic" Do you have any idea how many people take narcotics? Millions. Yes, some can be harmful (although most are comparable to alcohol, or considerably less so) but society would have collapsed long ago if they induced psychosis in "most" cases. This is exactly the ignorance that is holding the debate on this subject back.
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Sep 22, 2011