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David Graham
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Jan 17, 2012
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Jan 17, 2012
it's like this dude you know the little boys will never see Disney world or land how ever you want to put it,now you I don't know what to believe, but I do know deep down you do know something you might not have been there but your buddy ,Damien was and I do believe that deep in my heart and why in the hell would you plied guilty dude if your not that was another thing I could not get over with,because if your not guilty your not guilty and i'm not the only one going to say anything about this to you dude,but anyway's you got real real lucky and I guess I can say I wish you the best, but make sure every night when you lay your head down to go to sleep pray for them 3 8 year old's that someone took there life's for nothing,o.k. dude take care.
not being mean I still think they had something to do with it but John did to,the way I see it they meet up with John and the 8 year old boys we're with him,and he told them hey look I know this cool place I can show you 3 some things and then on the way he meet up with Damien and Jason&Jessie,and Damien said hey want to smoke a joint and they all said .o.k and they get down there and I could guess things went wrong,and got out of hand,then the next thing you know 3 young boy's are dead,it's like with Damien he acted like it was all a joke that's what got him where he was,I watch all the movie and he did it,but he had help,I know this is a free me site but that's the way I seen it and this is me no matter if the are going to put me to death i'm not going to plead guilty well I guess they will have to put me to death because if i'm not guilty i'm not going to plead guilty,so that was another thing that got me to thinking he and the other are guilty.
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Jan 17, 2012