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Really well written article. Every Pixar movie has an iconic moment - the first 20 minutes of Wall-E are testament to their mastery of cinema, not just animation. And UP, well again the first 20 minutes is some of the most moving cinema I've seen in years - I cried in the cinema - a first for me. That Pixar make such stunning animation is almost secondary to the fact they make great movies, period. I couldn't split these two titles - well done at having managed to do so!
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on Up (2009) -vs- Wall-E (2008) at Movie Smackdown!
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Nice article. I come down in favour of The Prestige - it delves deeper into the psyche and, whilst I will admit that the fabulous Illusionist does a better job of re-creating period magic tricks, the whole screenplay of The Prestige from beginning to end IS the trick - and that Nolan could craft a mind-bending, non-linear narrative of such complexity - yet make it so accessible wins for me. They are both excellent films, with sumptuous, breath-taking cinematography, twisting plots and top acting throughout.
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Apr 12, 2010