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I don't think the number of devices should have anything to do with it. It should be about ease of use. I use at least 10 different devices for listening to music. I have no problem getting my music to all of them, it's just sometimes not easy. I think everyone that uses multiple devices has ways of doing it, otherwise they wouldn't use so many. Cloud services are about streamlining the process of using multiple devices. It saves time and frustration, and people will pay for that. Graham Tobias
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External harddrives are not in any way cloud. They go right back to that hardcover book problem. I would say the old technology that closest resembles the cloud idea is FTP, but FTP is way too old and not user friendly enough for the world. Apple's has been around for a very long time now too, and is in many ways a cloud system, though the media aspect of it hasn't taken that next step beyond idisk yet. From the back end of the industry, a number of media services are web based, salesforce, topspin, etc... I currently use Evernote as my do everything locker in the cloud. As a personal locker, it's fantastic, it stores a lot of my media and data and I can easily access it from my iPhone, iPad, and any computer with Internet access. What's great though, is that I can use it offline, they have non web based apps that work great. I want to see companies offer evernote plugins so I can embed cloud updated analytics graphs or topic tracking Twitter feeds. Evernote isn't really media friendly enough though, and i think it's going to be between apple and google to crank out the best real media specific platform in the cloud. I think devices will have a big effect on this too. The iPad for example pretty much screams cloud computing, and it was fantastic being able to stream a netflix movie over 3G on a bus to NYC yesterday. Also, don't forget products like Sonos, which when mixed with Digital music retailers, essentially gives you a cloud based wireless stereo system that can be controlled by a multitude of devices. (lefsetz talks about this often, was it Rhapsody that he uses?) The kindle definitely falls into this category too. As does the ipad. The trouble is, everything is way too proprietary. There either needs to be an app, or a device that is open to the universe. Evernote is headed in the right direction, but a lot of progress needs to be made.
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Hmm a couple stories... At one point I had to pass up a gig recording Buddy Guy, Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell in concert because I was on the wrong side of the country. That hurt. Another time, Roger Waters' inflatable flying pig and wireless rig were mistakenly delivered to my apartment the week before coachella. Apparently my live recording rig had been delivered to Roger in LA. I turned the truck away at the door, but I can only imagine what would have gone down had I accepted the shipment.
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Apr 29, 2010