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I actually don't believe that so many people WANT to drink chardonnay. Instead, these are the majority of folks from point #2 and #5 and they say "chardonnay" because its familiar and simple. They know they'll get something white that they will enjoy at least a little bit. For better or worse. But whether chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot or otherwise, it's just "easy". By way of example I remember this embarrassing moment for me a decade ago - I ordered a Magners in an Irish bar in an attempt to just try some new beer. Well, you probably know the punchline: Magners is not beer, it's cider. For all a chardonnay drinker knows, lemberger is a cheese and cabernet has something to do with the theater performance of Chicago.
Russ McCall is doing everything right - and he's a nice guy to boot. I bought the last t-bone from the Market on Saturday. Salted an hour early then charcoal grilled. Definitely the most amazing steak *I* have ever made!
Sorry, NORWOOD Maples.
I saw at least two other winemakers post on Facebook that there was no damage of note in their vineyards. And having watched many rows of Macari from my windows yesterday, I can say that the same appears true there. Overall my take is that healthy vines will have done fine and the loss of trees is more due to age and type. Lots of Norwich Maples on the North Fork and they are not known for having strength as they get up in years.
I visited Osprey's last year with my brother's family after having not been there in several years. My level of respect went up on that visit. I didn't "disrespect" Osprey's previously, but my opinion was neutral. No more. And now, reading this, I look forward to more regular visits to try some of these wines. I expect my opinion to continue to rise.
Lenn, I'm so happy we decided to do this as a dinner - and now I want to do more of these! I definitely didn't expect to get such a course in vintage weather, but that was one of the highlights for me as well. And, of course, the lively and honest debate on many winemaking topics -local and global. Thanks for being part of it - and for the NYCR coverage. Sorry Nena couldn't make it, but thanks for bringing Remy as your date! Cheers, Jared
Richard - thanks for the clarification - I think I was misjudging this a little as well. Whether I've officially got break or swell, there's no doubt we're progressing quickly. Here's my post and a photo where there is some "unfurling" but I guess still no official swell. Either way, I am hoping for a VERY WARM APRIL! Cheers, Jared
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Apr 12, 2010