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You're definitely not overreacting, David. To me, any mass e-mailer that starts with "Re:" should be treated as fraud, and handled as such by the FTC or any other regulatory agency. I recently had my own unfortunate dealing with e-mail spam on LinkedIn. It's when i see it happening on social media platforms through my personal message accounts that I find this is getting really out of control:
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on Re: Sleazy PR spam tactic at Web Ink Now
Thanks for sharing this, David. I think the core of the strategy you're getting at is back up your legitimate tie to a story with some form of action taken on your part. This seems to go beyond just making commentary, but a direct attempt at engaging the subject of the story, perhaps?
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2012 on Newsjacking a naked Prince Harry at Web Ink Now
It seems to be now more of a strategy around incentivizing the consumer at each step of getting and keeping their attention and interest, towards a call-to-action that actually moves at least a portion of those consumers towards your own business model that you can sustain.
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2012 on When free is not free at Web Ink Now
I've been following the U.S. Presidential candidates "social" video activities. Aside from Paul, they really treat it with a traditional midset that's out of touch with social media and networking values of today. They may turn off all commenting features (including likes/dislikes), and they don't do person-to-person engagement with their audience. The only exceptions are when they are guests on other shows, but they would have so much more effectiveness of maintaining their own channel this way.
David, you will probably appreciate this post:
There's a problem I see with David's argument. MSNBC is a news publication, and can legally get away with a verbal release. Any person that uses the video for any commercial purposes (including promoting themselves, their website, and their own publications and other media properties for sale), does not enjoy that same distinction. I think it would have been very help to include feedback from an attorney who specializes in this line of work. Reason is, saying what you've managed to not have issues with isn't any assurance or guarantee that you couldn't be sued by anyone down the road. If what you're doing isn't legally binding, then it's giving others a false sense of assurance. (Sorry to be Debbie Downer here, but better safe than screwed!)
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