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Take our money? With my 22 handicap, I am the ringer! Just to update, I did buy one of the Peconic Bay wines to arrive shortly.
Just tasted 6 wines from Peconic Bay. Thanks Jim and Peter! Lets make sure we do golf out in the North Fork when we do the tasting!
Of course, I am in for this sort of event. But I have ADD and Charles remarks were really long. :) Seriously, lets get set on a date and work out the details thereafter. End of February of any time in March will work for me.
Jim I look forward to being proven wrong! I am glad to hear that people will be proactive. I hope your salesman attempts to sell to other great shops in Westchester, as well. As I have said, I work hard, so I do not necessarily have the time to seek out the "gems" from LI. I would hope that wineries would seek us out. Let me know what your rep says about our store. Harold These sorts of events can happen at almost anytime/anywhere.
TP, Sorry about the Lyle post. It was Evan who posted it. I see that Evan says that my comments are outdated. Maybe at the tasting that Charles can organize, Evan, Lenn, TP, and myself can all blind taste wines from all over, and make it real interesting.
Steve G Can you recommend some $12-15 LI Reds that can compete in the "QPR" department? I would love to get some recommendations. Maybe I am just tasting the wrong wineries.
Charles I will respond to your post individually. I will let you know when I can make it out there. I did go to LI last summer and taste through 4 wineries. As for your BDX critical as I am about NYS wines, I think that I have been more critical of Bordeaux. The region also suffers from a severe qualitative issue in the value category. So much so, that we have nothing from the region under $20/btlish.
Thanks for letting me speak up, guys. Sorry, I missed the post go up yesterday, so I am a little behind. First, David, thanks the link to Juliette's comments. I did a cursory look at Juliette's fantastic wine list at Gramercy (fyi, I always recommend that restaurant to clients in from out of town, and a couple of years ago, she did an outstanding job with a business dinner for my brother in law) and Gramercy Tavern pours 3 NYS wines BTG and has 16 wines on the list. Interestingly enough, there is no Cab Franc. Sadly, 16 wines probably represents one of the most diverse selections of NYS wines in the entire Metro area. She does a great job of positioning the NYS wines at the top of the selections for each category. I am not sure how the sales are, but there is a 2006 Channing Daughters Pinot Grigio. Maybe that is current? Regardless, I always love a good discussion with TP. Thomas, as you may know, Lyle is free to offer and sell whatever wines he chooses for his weekly email at Grapes. I hope he finds some NYS wines to sell. I truly do. On Saturday, he was out at Red Hook, helping with Riesling. Maybe, I am behind the times with my opinion. Maybe I am not. When I am buying wine for the store, I am looking for "QPR" (Quality to Price Ratio). This is at the $10 cost, $50 cost and $500 cost. I want our clients to be wowed. Interestingly enough, I tasted the lineup of Ravines last week, and purchased the Dry Riesling and Cabernet Franc. The Riesling is $15.99 retail and the CF is $18.99...offering very good value from the FLX for those varietals. One thing that may be lost in all of this, is that my answers are just my opinions, not any facts. I have never tasted a LI Chard that has wowed me. I have not tasted every single one produced, but, for me, I have tasted enough. Show me that is good and worth it, and I will carry it. Millbrook, which is also not far from our store, is a prime example of what is wrong with NYS wine prices. The wines are decent but vastly overpriced. Why should I offer a customer a Millbrook Chard for $30 when they can drink better for $15? Show me value, and I will show you a P.O. Last year, I tasted (twice) the lineup of Macari wines. The cheaper label stuff was pretty dreadful. Their $40 to $100 wines were very very good. But, if it takes $40 to get me to a very good LI red, then put me in the "no thanks" category. A few years ago, I was at a restaurant with about 8 other people. Channing Daughters Tocai Fruilano was on the list for about $45. This was shortly after David Schildknecht had done a very comprehensive report on LI wines. I bit...a couple of bottles for the group. My friends trust me to order the wines when we go out. After tasting, a few questioned the wine choice and a few others deemed it "passable." These were not my words but wine consumers looking for "value." It was a 90 point wine from DS, FYI. We had to order something else. I am totally open minded to the idea of selling good value wines. If they are from NYS, great. If not, great too. I urge anyone to come into and check out our selection before questioning it, though. We work very hard at what we do and I think it shows on the shelves!
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Oct 5, 2010