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Sub-humans who have no respect for human rights or rule of law.
Obama must take the cake for the most stupid and dangerous president the US have ever had. How could anyone be so naive.
Obama and his followers have gone soft in the head. After years of fighting to impose sanctions, all it has taken to lift some is for Rouhani to smile into the camera and promise to cooperate. Obama and his cronies have lost touch with reality. Don't they realize that they are being played for fools. I find it very difficult to believe that the US leadership are so stupid. I am going dizzy from shaking my head at such absurdity.
Muslims in Thailand just keep reminding us that Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world. The carnage everywhere in the world eventually leads to Islam.
More savagery from the religion of peace.
What an upside down world where we are more concerned with stifling the truth while these savages destroy our way of life. Let's be careful not to antagonize those moderates; you never know they too could react violently. I would guess that the average Pom is not as afraid of Robinson as they are of Muslim extremists -who repeatedly try to install Sharia law in this western country and shout and scream 'death to non-believers and those that insult Islam. Seems that inciting violence is tolerated, while denouncing violence is not. I would like to see a million people march through the streets of London calling for the expulsion of those who wish to undermine our western democratic values.
Reason and logic are surely missing from any dialog emanating these days from the Middle East - or should I call it the Middle Yeast, where hatred of the west and fellow Muslims is fermenting to the point that it will blow the cork off.