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"In order to make that $32 million last, he has to get used to spending more like $1.5 million per year. In realistic money terms, that guy who made $50,000, now has to find a way to live off of $7,500 per year." I get what you're trying to say, but it doesn't make any sense. The guy making 1.5 million per year isn't going to bed hungry most nights. If Iverson goes crazy with it and spends 95%, He'd have 75,000 left over. That's 375 for the poverty stricken fellow. It's like saying a man moving from a mansion to a townhouse is the same as a man moving from a studio apartment to a broom closet. That he spends money like a fucking retard goes without saying. So is the fact that he has fantastic potential to lose the rest of his basketball money. However, AI on his worst day can make enough to get by with appearances and local endorsements. He may not live the dream, but financially, compared to the vast, vast majority of the world, he'll be just fine.
Put Vick on IR, bring in McNabb to play the last 4 games because "Why the fuck not at this point?", let him retire having played his last game in an Eagles' uniform, and then bury this season and forget it about it until the end of time.
"So tell me... if the Eagles had lost that game, would you still be defending what Jackson did?" You mean like the other games they've lost while he acted the same way? YES. The fact that the play was even wiped out is utter horseshit. A dead ball penalty coincides with a live ball penalty and they wipe out the play. I've never heard of such a thing, and from what I've read, neither has anyone else who's ever followed football in the slightest. Do you hold the excessive celebration from last year's Tetley tea dive against Dallas against him even though the play was still live when they threw the flag? It almost feels like they're improvising penalties on the spot to deal with him. The man has more than delivered his share in his 4 years here. This isn't Freddie Mitchell who ran off at the mouth despite any lack of football ability whatsoever. It's not T.O. with his staggering numbers and tendency to rip locker rooms apart, as well as throwing everyone not named T.O. under the bus. This is a receiver that's been torching defenses as long as he's been in the league, with any QB throwing to him (all of which he publicly endorsed BTW), and doing it for less money than most any playmaker in the league. And as for the non-gameday stuff, I'm still waiting to hear about all these "off the field" antics I keep hearing everyone talk about. Barring the drama over the contract, I've yet to hear one bad thing he's done outside the context of football. If you're okay with Mike Vick in midnight green with all the atrocities he's committed in his lifetime so long as he plays at a high level, then you damn well better be okay with a top 10 WR who's cocky and bitter about his contract. Stop scapegoating DeSean Jackson. In case you haven't been following along, he's not the reason the Eagles are 4-6. He didn't get torched in the 4th quarter week in and week out. Aside from the fumbled punt return against Chicago, he's been about what you'd expect on the field.
Still don't understand the disdain towards Jackson, from Eagles's fans and the public in general. All he's done in the last 5 years is be the best Eagles receiver since Mike Quick, provide us with highlight after highlight, regularly embarrass New York, Washington, and Dallas(Possibly the most endearing things you can do for Eagles fans), and been a fine human being off the field. The occasional taunting penalty shouldn't be nearly enough to outweigh the staggering number of positives he's brought in 4 seasons, all with a rookie contract. Sure $600k is crazy to any of us, but that's peanuts for a #1 receiver(Yeah yeah Maclin, blah blah blah, call me when he stops dropping would-be clutch passes in the 4th quarter). So he's fighting over his contract, has dipshit Drew Rosenhaus as an agent, and dances and brags after making big plays. This is apparently enough for him to be labeled a "thug", a "punk", and according to many anonymous commenters across the internets, a "monkey". /tangent /blahblahsoapbox
The first "THE DREAM IS ALIVE" headline came a little sooner than I expected, even if it was in sarcastic KSK form.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2011 on I Hate This Team So Much at Crossing Broad
I fully expect a 4 game winning streak, and by a large margin. Where we get to see the all the "THE DREAM IS ALIVE" headlines in December just so they can stick the dagger in as hard as possible when they lose their last three. It's been one of those kinds of seasons.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2011 on I Hate This Team So Much at Crossing Broad
I'm a fan, but fuck him. He knew his former assistant was a child molester and didn't call the police himself. Everyone who was even suspicious of that fact, and didn't report it to legal authorities needs to be shitcanned immediately.
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Feb 18, 2011