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What's going on here? The date on the main page post is 2011 and there are 41 comments here from 2007? Including mine. What's up?
Hi guys, long time no talk to! Actually, it IS like Vietnam in one respect. The media (current article excepted) are almost universally rooting for the U.S. to lose - and I'm referring to the U.S. media.
What the hell is wrong with TypePad? This is Pamela. I haven't used 'grayp' since before G-d started making dirt. @Geoff Puterbaugh this seems extraordinarily rigid to me. No chance of escape? Nope. Not just in Germany, either, pretty much all over Europe. Here in the US, you can attend university at any age as long as you've got the academic record and the $$. And apparently, it's been that way forever. My high school German teacher, from Munich, who was born around 1905-10 told me by the time you left high school you were headed for 'gymnasium' or trade school and that was it. I really would like to know what Germans mean by the term 'social justice'. I don't think they mean it as it is meant here in the states, specifically re: 'oppressed minorities' cough cough