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The Greatest American Lawyer
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Interests: Going trekking in hundreds of acres of woods, trails and hills out the front door of my new office. Being able to shower at my office after i am done jogging. Being an innovator in the things i do professionally, socially and philosophically. Being located at largest historical development zone /restoration project in the country, which it just so happens is a tax free zone. Making people think and challenging norms by wreaking my own small form of anarchy on the world. I always knew that i had a lot to say. Somehow writing "it" makes it tnagible. Having bought my first boomerang from the 5 time world boomerang champion, gel in the golden gate bridge park. Favorite Motto: "you never know when it is time to throw." Favorite place: Lake Michigan beaches at sunset on a warm summer night, drinking Oberon beer and throwing rang.
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Sep 23, 2011
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Mar 15, 2010
Did I mention that many of the "coolest" companies on the sign used to be represented by the annoying firm? There is a lot to this story which I decided not to tell. Suffice to it say that turning the other cheek sure wasn't working very well. Someone commented on my blog with the question "Is this something the Greatest American Lawyer would do?" The answer is probably not. But is sure is fun anyway!
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