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It's been a bad week for natural phenomenonenonenons (cue the Muppets). The east coast earthquake was weird....said by someone who insists that quaking is a particularly sickening thing for the ground to be doing, and my West Coast friends are odd to the tenth power for being so blase about tremors and earthquakes. The hurricane, however, caused many of us real live inconvenience. Even with four days' warning, the aftermath is very bad. Homes and streets washed away, millions without electricity (including moi), and a couple dozen dead. I'll still put up with ten hurricanes over one real live, no-foolin', the ground is opening us up and swallowing us whole earthquake.
Oh Christie, this is just heart-wrenching. Having the house be available is, I hope, a sign that all is not lost. Still, the totally senseless pain of this, AFTER everything you've already endured....In your shoes, I'd just look up at the universe and say "Really? This too? Seriously?". Hang in, and know your friends are right there next to you (and would be happy to play with Rawley, you know, if you were busy, and some of us weren't 3,000 miles away).
THIS is why it sucks that my friends all live so far away. Because what I'd do is march in, crank Leonard Cohen's Everybody Knows (sure it's a sort of bitter tune, but I think it would do the trick) and feed you dark chocolate until you revved back up again to a workable RPM level, then take Rawley out for a walk so you could be productive without distraction. Kyrie would stay, so that someone's around to keep an eye on you, just in case.
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Jul 20, 2010