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Oh I have my fingers crossed!!! This is such an amazing gift to win!! Wish everyone the best of luck!!
What an awesome gift Heidi. Your soooo generous. Well lets see, in light of my awesome vacation coming up next week I am listening to Jimmy Buffett`s Margaritaville as I write this post. (blew out my flip flop, lalalalalalalala) It sets the stage for tropic breezes, palm trees swaying, sand between your toes and of course a nice cold delicious margarita in your hand while you take in the ocean view!! LOL,where I will be next week. I would love to help out in the shipping. This would be tooo awesome of a prize to pass up!! This stuff would be great to record my vacation!! Woo Hoo have my Flip Flops crossed LOL!!
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Oh oh, I hope I win this class. I would love to learn your tips and tricks!! LOL college has my checkbook broke! LOL But it is soooo great that you are offering such a wonderful class!! To Fab for words!! I have my finger crossed!!
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I have to say as a scrapbooker I have collected many thing over a course of 7 years. If I had to choose as to what I have the most of and never use, it's my scraps!! I have 7 boxes full of scraps left over from projects and layouts. I for one have learned never to throw away my scraps. I have a system and yes it might sound a little nutty, but I have 7 different boxes that are color coded!! So if I need a piece of blue for that perfect final touch, I dig through the box of blue scraps!! LOL, I have learned real quick even your scraps need a place of their own!! It took me 3 days to short that stuff!! LOL Thanks for a chance to win Heidi, and FYI, I watch your show becuase I love to create and be inspired!! The gifts are great to win, but what is most exciting, is taking a weekly class from you!! The HO3 as a whole, has sparked a whole new light in my creativity!! Thanks so much for that!!
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Your company and products never cease to amaze me. I know that you must receive millions of posts complementing your products that only touch the surface of your company. I’m here to tell you that yours flowers and stamps as well as the many other wonderful items you produce, have brought to my pages the most beautiful and expressive designs. I thank you for bringing your products to the scrapbooking world. I appreciate your products and your compnay. most of all, when I think of flowers I think of Prima!
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Nov 21, 2009