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In Poland, the same is happening. Lots of new Saudi students, obtaining grants from the Saudi government of around 10,000 zloty per month (around 3 times the average wage). Why does Saudi want them to study abroad, I wonder??
Western woman meets Arab man, gets married, finds out things change completely, and that she's a prisoner... But Muslim men are allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women - "people of the book"... so why does an Arab go for a "multicultural studies" type, most probably an atheist pinko-femino-hippie, unless it was for the passport? (although glad that on this occasion it was a bleeding heart liberal who got to have a sharp reality check)
"This is probably "the" most overlooked issue ever..." My thoughts exactly.
At the National Maritime Museum in London (described as perhaps "the largest museum of its kind in the world"), the following account was given of the background to the discovery of America, in the section on "Explorers": "In the ancient world, goods were collected from different parts of Asia ("the East") and taken largely by land to Turkey, Syria or Egypt. In the Middle Ages these routes were dominated by Italian traders, especially Venetians. By about 1500 traders were looking for new, direct routes to the riches of the East and the great age of European exploration began. Before 1450 Europeans had a very hazy idea of what "the East" was like or even how to get there. Columbus's landfall on San Salvador in the Carribean in 1492 was on a voyage intended to find an alternative trade route to Asia. He went to his grave convinced that the lands he found were part of China." So, what was the reason that traders were looking for new, direct routes to the East, even across an ocean which they had never sailed? Seems like a minor detail that the London museum had "forgotten"... Then again, my girlfriend tells me that at her school in Poland, during history lessons about the discovery of the New World, the teacher once asked "Why did Columnbus sail West?". The answer was an obvious one to all - "Because the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, in 1453 - meaning a new trade route to India had to be found". So I guess Islam did have something to do with the history of America, after all...
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Below, more on the historical figure which inspired the name of the "counter-extremist" Quilliam Foundation - Tommy's new friends... Introducing William "Abdullah" Quilliam:
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2013 on Desperate for an end at Atlas Shrugs
There always were Muslims opposed to Jihad. Some even fought against the Turks, at the Battle of Vienna... even now, we hear lone Muslim voices opposed to the madness, such as Farid Ghadry above. Trouble is - they are not many, and potentially up against an overwhelming majority who would see them as "traitors"
Apparently Edward Snowden has been offered a job with a Russian social networking website, based in St Petersburg... could the G20 meeting set up an encounter with Obama - with Snowden being there in the crowd to protest his visit??
Hang on, didn't Western women fall over themselves to say how attractive and handsome bin Laden was, in the weeks and months after 9/11? And we wanna know why we're losing? Would British women during WWII talk about "attractive" Germans? Would Jewish women in the same period praise handsome SS-men?! The natural, instinctive reaction to someone who wants to kill your parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, co-religionists and countrymen (as well as yourself) is NOT to fancy them - but run away as far as you possibly can... how can it be then, that leftist and multi-kulti brainwashing has reached such a state, that it's now normal for women to fancy sickos who want to murder their fellow countrymen?! In other parts of the world (not least Muslim ones), those same women might be lucky to get away with having their heads shaved... yet here, magazine covers are marketed especially to their sick taste. And we're surprised that so many women (with likely similar tendencies) then fall prey to grooming gangs? Westerners need to learn self-respect before they can stand any chance of a victory.
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Yes, and so it begins... The only positives I can see for the US is - a) less public transport usage --> less opportunities for Muslims to pick up their "prey" b) strong opposition to leftism c) awareness of what's already happened in the UK d) the right to bear arms Use these, while you can.
What's with all the noises? Have a bunch of wild animals been let loose from the zoo???
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2013 on The Truth about Trayvon at Atlas Shrugs
For any lawyers out there - what chance of success, were Zimmerman to launch a lawsuit against Facebook, over something like this?
Why not take it up further, with "civil rights" groups which promise to "act against hate speech"? You know, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which keeps calling Pamela and Robert "hate bloggers", etc? As well as that, relatives of 9/11 survivors may be interested to know what sort of speech New York's taxis consider acceptable... Furthermore, why not start a campaign aimed at New York Infidels (especially its large Jewish population) boycotting the use of New York's official taxis until they clamp down on such hate speech? And demand that the FBI investigate that cab driver for links to terrorism? The leftists are winning - because they make the most noise... it's time us right-thinking people started to make ourselves felt for a change.
So if a taxi driver listens to a broadcast that says "The KKK is performing the work of God", while taking a black passenger to his destination, would you also "let the taxi driver have his say", and let him keep his job?
For a Middle Eastern mass street protest to accuse the White House of "supporting terrorism" through supporting an Islamic government? Never thought I'd live to see the day...
Pamela, If I may say so, you are a great campaigner and fighter, with immense energy, and the heart of a lion. You did so much for Rifqa when she was in need, you ensured that Aqsa Parvez was properly remembered and, even if this is not recognised, I'm sure that many more people have been swayed by your writings, than the few comments on your posts would suggest... for a start, just go to any Islam-related article on the Guardian and see how many comments there are, that may as well have been written the readers of Atlas Shrugs... where else would they have got that knowledge if not from websites such as this? However, there is also an "optimum" point, beyond which one risks compromising all of their successes... what good will an attack on Melanie Philips achieve, besides possibly alienating one of the few supporters in the British media that you and Robers Spencer have? And even if the public do not agree that you should be banned, they may see such attacks as being unpleasant. And such an opinion does not, in general, help make friends... conversely, just look at where the niceness of Muslim Taqiyya artists has got them! Through their charm, jokes and smiles, they have won the "battle of hearts and minds" in their target audience more effectively than thousands of US soldiers laying down their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am not writing this as an attack, I'm appealing for you not to let all of your good work go to waste. Sometimes, it's good to be a little measured and moderate in one's criticism!
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela - bad as this may seem, the leftist mob tactics of the past few years have resulted in the EDL being a pariah among the vast majority of Britons. An example: last weekend I was in London. A friend I met up with, who knows I'm a supporter of UKIP, said, in an argument against UKIP "I saw a photo of a member of UKIP shaking hands with a member of the EDL". He spoke as if this was the knockout blow, meaning that UKIP are the bad guys, without a shadow of a doubt. And this was someone who voted Conservative at the last general election! In fact, the EDL are a pariah to such an extent, that even my conservative, anti-Islam parents are against them. Perhaps this pariah status is why Melanie Philips needs to show her "anti-EDL colours", in order to retain any amount of credibility? Melanie Phillips is on your side, and she has taken a lot of flak for her views. I would be more measured in criticising her - one of your (and our) precious few allies in the media on the British Isles.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on With friends like these ...... at Atlas Shrugs
"The UK does not tolerate extremist views from either side of the fence." Is that why it let in ranting Muslim nutcases encouraging violence towards women and Jews in recent days, like Muhammad al-Arifi? If what Pamela says is "extremist", the likes of Winston Churchill would have been off the scale... On the other hand, if Pamela Geller wants to come to the UK, perhaps she should change religion, pray to Mecca and say exactly what she says, but change the word "Muslim" for Jew. She might even get the red carpet rolled out for her by Ken Livingstone, "Respect", the Socialist Workers' Party and the rest of the gurus of "anti-racism" and "tolerance".
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2013 on Banned in Britain: UK Caves to Jihad at Atlas Shrugs
Perhaps this should have been written on a different post. But then again, is there so much difference between Obama's "strategy" in Syria and Afghanistan? His officials make a visit to a brand new "Taliban office" in Qatar, while US forces are busy arming Al Q'aeda-linked forces in Syria. Could any of this have been predicted in the months after September 11, 2001?
Can it be that I find myself supporting Iran and Russia against Britain and the USA in a middle-Eastern conflict? Being Polish, and having been pro-Western, pro-Israeli and anti-Islamist as long as I can remember, I'm still shocked that this could have ever occurred. But it has...
Perhaps this is a good time to remind ourselves of a claim made by an Israeli agent, Avi Lipkin, in early 2011. In his opinion, apparently based on information he obtained, the Obama administration had a secret 3-point plan: 1) To destabilise the North African regimes, and allow a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. 2) As a result of the instability in North Africa, millions of Muslims will want to emigrate to Europe and America - meaning 50-100 million Muslims in the USA, by 2016. 3) With the resulting increased political clout of US-based Muslim groups, the Muslim Brotherhood would then be able to annihilate Israel. A full video outlining the claim can be viewed here
He doesn't need to. As Asher Abrams suggested above, "we" can post those stickers over his ;)
which book/verse of the Bible orders Christians to do that, again?
And yet was it not Obama himself who said, all of 3 years ago, that the war on terror is over? So why is his administration STILL wanting so much access over data going through US servers? Is this all really needed to fight "terror"? Or could it be used to snoop on potential opponents of the Dear Leader, or any of his allies? (wouldn't the Saudis, for one, just love to get their hands on all this data??)
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2013 on PRISM at Atlas Shrugs
Looks like more and more leftists and "moderates" are following the footsteps of Melanie Phillips or Eric Allen Bell, and having the "road to Damascus" moment, when it comes to the Religion of Peace... Way to go Pamela!
In the article, the author (despite finding kind words for Pamela) equates the Koran to the Bible and talks about the tiny minority of Jihadis - the key talking points of those against the counterjihad. In which case, I'll guess that her attitude previously was not only mere indifference...