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The paedophilia problem has been hyped up and hence the degree of its severity is very much in question relative to the general population. In any case the Catholic Church is uniquely placed to be a bulwark against far worse things happening in America and the world. Your attitude indicates extreme short-sightedness.
Pamela you did a good job under trying circumstances. I wonder what would happen if at the outset, you simply challenged these people to make their argument without insults. The three of them supported each other in this and seemed to believe that gave them substance. In reality they reminded me of a lynch mob: see witch-burning, pogroms and KKK atrocities.
DZinn: Iran started the "nuke Israel" threats in 2001 as I pointed out previously. Their government along with many others in the ME actively promotes Israeli and Jew hatred. This is what Israel reacts to. Your turning it around shows your desire to attack Israel no matter what. I tend to defend against such unfair attacks as I have always done. I suppose as a child you went with the bully crowd.
There are several Human Development Indexes published including one by the UN. In general the Palestinians rank higher than many Arab countries, the exceptions being ones awash in oil. They rank higher than South Africa by a good margin. In any case the Palestinians are heavily covered by journalists. I've never seen a picture anything like exists in India or even South Africa. Check the recent article where Abbas says: "in the West Bank we have a good reality . . . the people are living a normal life."
Zinn: The point I made is that Iran certainly is threatening Israel and that you choose to ignore this as well as trying to get others to think there is no threat. You did not address this and I have to conclude that you do not understand the ramifications of a nuclear attack or do not care. (In other words, you must be ignorant or stupid. I’m sorry to be blunt but there’s no room for nuance here.) ”racist, warmongering, repeatedly violates human rights” can certainly be applied to many of Israel’s neighbours / enemies, in spades. It doesn’t make it right if Israel does it too but it destroys your credibility that you mention only Israel when others in the equation are such flagrant violators of decency. (In a similar fashion Virginia Tilley finds the very idea of Israel as a Jewish state to be racist and talks of “its contempt for UN resolutions and international law …” forgetting that UNGAR 181 called for Jewish and Arab States and ignoring Arab League contempt for international law as well as there being 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference; and then there’s the Vatican and the Queen as leader of the Church of England. Why waste time reading the opinions of a person with a lame brain?) As for Israel attacking Iraq and potentially Iran: in the face of the overt threat posed by these countries and also that after Osirak Israel undertook no further aggression indicating they acted defensively, criticism is not warranted. “two-legged beasts,” seems to be fictitious. Again you reveal your desire to believe any anti-Israel propaganda that comes your way. You know the psychology behind all this, the desire to have an object of hate etc. is linked to the tribal nature of our species. It’s the same psychology behind antisemitism. You really should try to rise above it.
David Zinn – Iran and “wipe Israel off the map” The instance to which you refer got worldwide attention and Iranian ambassadors were hauled onto the carpet in many host countries; the regime thus KNEW what was going on but they made no attempt to correct the impression they had made. The theme of destroying Israel has been uttered by Iran before and since this particular incident. In 2001, then Pres. Rafsanjani was quite explicit about using nukes, even stating that Israel could be destroyed with one, whereas Iran could be nuked and still survive. It is obvious that Iran's government is quite comfortable wearing this mantle. The alternative translation came about because one incident received great publicity. I have to conclude that Juan Cole and people like you would rather risk the threat of Israel being nuked than allowing any knowledge that might cause people to have sympathy for her. You are an ideologue and your arguments reek of it.
Oh come on! Titling the book, The JEW-el of Medina," that's just provocation and I'm sure there must be an international law granting the right of resistance. Or something.
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