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This is a great post! And what about the sitting in the chair and listening to good music I’m doing it right now. I’m listening to an amazing disk of Beethoven’s compositions performed by Maxim Rysanov, Kristina Blaumane and Jacob Katsnelson, which I’ve recently found at onyxclassics site. So while reading your last lines in this post I almost felt the taste of wine…
Thanks, now everything is clear.
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Actually I always preferred classical music, but Sinatra is also kind of classics as for me. He’s amazing, I love his songs very much, especially when Christmas is coming… And this song is wonderful! I like it almost as much as the new disk of Beethoven’s works, which I recently found at onyxclassics site and which was performed by Maxim Rysanov, Kristina Blaumane and Jacob Katsnelson. Thanks for giving the opportunity to enjoy this song!
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Oct 9, 2012