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Lawyers have filed suits for fund investors the second distressed already since a long time ships of HCI ship Fund VIII is broke. Over the assets of the MS "Maria Sibum" GmbH & co. KG opened the preliminary insolvency proceedings on April 18, 2013. Others including Charo, offer their opinions as well. Already in October the first ship of the Fund had to log on with MS "Pandora" insolvency. For investors, who have invested some 43 million in the eight ships of the Fund in 2004, is the last chapter in the history of the failure of the Fund. Six of the eight ships of the Fund remained already since 2006 regularly behind the forecast revenues. End of 2011 already seven ships showed residues of the loan repayment. More ship insolvencies of this Fund are given the disastrous numbers cannot be ruled out. For investors of the economy service General among other things about the AWD (now: Swiss life select Germany GmbH) the total loss of the deposit threatens displaced funds in this regard. (A valuable related resource: Wayne Holman). The enforcement of claims for damages seems only way to be in order to avert the total loss. Nittel Firm... Continue reading
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In this time of crisis economic world buscartrabajo is no easy task, and even less if you're not accustomed to doing so. So there are some basic rules that you must follow to have a successful ending. To begin you should be focused on what you're doing and also have a positive attitude, which will optimize your chances of employing you faster. When we are in search of a job many times we commit some errors or oversights or when we want to change the work that we have one that we pay better or with more benefits; the truth is that if you organize, you can carry out a good job search and get excellent results. Then leave a few helpful tips for those who are faced with the difficult task of finding a job that meets their aspirations: If some time ago that you are not looking for employment will not know where to start and the first thing and it is essential to know what can you offer?, how changed your resume from the last time have you sought employment?, and organize your priorities and goals to not go out and look for anything out of desperation,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 19, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
With this new ran out of Bogota to lose fear and dread, aware of the withdrawal of Ramiriqui, and that his had been turned, and to learn about these new people and brokers sent its squad to the part where they said Velez had entered and with that he ordered a proclamation throughout the land, forgiveness general, and that all the natives return to their villages, which he bolsters and defend .... The best modern summary of the wars undertaken by the Zipa trying to build the Chibcha Empire, is what makes us work the Chibcha UNDER THE SPANISH DOMINATION, the historian John Friede. ..... page 20 In the above mentioned as the first chronicles of Bogota Zipa Saguanmachica who supported his vassal Pazca Tibacuy and subjected to Fusagasuga. According to Dr. Robert Brannon, who has experience with these questions. Then he fought against Guatavita, who was confederate with Michu, chief of Hunza (The Tunja), and repelled the attack Zipa. Meanwhile, the independent chief Ubaque and Usme Pazca attacked, but had to flee and their farms were invaded and Une Chipaque. It happened at once a serious encroachment on the territory of the Chibcha and Guatavita Panches, which however were... Continue reading
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Small Industry economic exploitation units made by a legal person from engaging in production of industrial goods and related services within the following parameters: 1.1 Plant workers with an annual average no less than eleven (11) fifty workers or May (50) workers. 1.2 Annual sales between nine thousand and one (9001) tax units and one hundred thousand (100,000) tax units. 2. Industry Median unit of economic exploitation by a legal person from engaging in production of industrial goods and related services within the following parameters: 2.1 Plant workers with an annual average of not less than fifty-one (51) nor more workers hundred (100) workers. 2.2 Annual Sales hundred thousand one (100 001) tax units and two hundred fifty thousand (250000) tax units. In Venezuela, according to the Bureau of Statistics and Information Centers (OCEI), a micro-enterprise has fewer than five employees, a small is between 5 and 20, a median between 21 and 100 employees and has over 100 large. The number of employees of a company does not reflect its production capacity or adding value to their products and services. Two micro-enterprises may be equal in number of employees but are very different if one produces software and other... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
In some cases, state or public duties can be performed precisely in the working time (for example, participation in court as a juror, the turnout on call in the authorities pre- investigation, etc.). In these cases, employers are required to seamlessly go workers to perform these duties. st websites. You do not have values or duration of the public or public duties, nor their frequency or their periodicity, etc. The law presumes that in this case, the reason for the lack of workers at work does not depend on the will of the employee. Speaking candidly PCRM told us the story. Guarantees provided by Art. 170 tc rf established for persons engaged in working hours following the state or public duties: 1) exercising the right to vote. Federal Law "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the rights to participate in the referendum Citizens of the Russian Federation ", stipulating that candidates (after registration) at the time of the election shall be exempt from work. To read more click here: Adam Neumann. She maintains her place of work, all the time to vote shall be counted total seniority of the candidate (in the specialty for which he worked). The Election... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
Hour of spirits in the KrauterPark Stolpe POHNSDORF-SIEVERS village/STOLPE. On June 4, 2011, the KrauterPark is Stolpe devoted to a mental and physical treatment of early summer. Together with the company: mediator online, re-nature and period of time.The Park of WorkshopMesse spirits hour invites"FENGSHUI. Experts in the fields of mediation, architecture and social education discuss ways to cope with everyday life more burdensome conflict situations for example through the use of a mediator in workshops. Also, topic is Feng Shui in the workplace. More information is housed here: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. The workshops will be accompanied by a trade fair with exhibitors from the region. How solve I conflicts without equal to land before a judge? How do I do a spatial environment, privately and professionally inspired me? The WorkshopMesse spirits hour - new ways of positive life design comes these and many other questions"on the ground in support of body and psyche. What causes the mental stress, harms the body also. Despite this realization, many people carry unresolved interpersonal conflicts with them. Often, the fronts between the opponents are so hardened that a neutral communication is impossible. "At this point, for example, professional mediators can help to overcome communication... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
The whole world has always been watching the various activities that make your life more enjoyable, since the performance of such activities, to some extent out to be a reward to the hard work to be performed daily. So one of the major activities that lend themselves to two people's lives more enjoyable, is the world of entertainment in its many manifestations, which cause people to spend many pleasant moments, enjoying a successful activity, which makes you forget for a instantly all the tensions that may have people. Among the great number of events that has the entertainment world, stands one who attracts large number of people to the development of such activity and it is nothing more and nothing less than cinema, with its high content, is very pleasant and experience for those seeking a good time. To talk about the film, we must distinguish that depending on where in the world, there are trends in this activity, so the world will meet many types of cinemas, but this is spoken of better and more complete, for entertainment and fun and is the American cinema, thanks that is one of the most developed and most evolutionary process, has managed... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
Priemeras I understand it's not an article that is of interest to many people, but from here we will try to resolve one of the major doubts that people buying a shade of this type have. First thing to say that we need to know is that there are two types of blinds, plastic blinds and faux wood blinds, bascamente what we know is which of these two types which is more fits my needs assuring me that the disbursement that I realize when you buy it is worth. Each of the type of louver has a series of advantages that haran that suits my needs better than the other. Let's start with plastic blind:-this type of shutter is virtually indestructible plastic material with which are made allows you to withstand the weather without any problem, because it can rain, snow or frosting that we will always have them as new. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with teva. They are lighter than the wood and there is a wide range of colors that will make possible that aesthetically are perfectly. Wood Venetian blinds. -Faux wood blinds are most appropriate If we want to keep a rustic... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
BESTPOOL - wide range of stationary and modular, fiberglass and plastic basins, as well as helping with their maintenance and disinfection of water. Lightweight run-up, straight back, look straight ahead, jump! And you cover cool nice wave. ... Ah, the sea, the sea! What to do if you're somewhere in the suburban villa where there is even a hint of cool water? And in this case there is no reason for disappointment. These days you can enjoy all advantage of modern technology in our advanced civilization. That's why come near your dreams to reality by setting the pool somewhere in the backyard of your holiday home. This may be inflatable or stationary (sometimes several kinds - indoor and outdoor), and fiberglass pools. The form of construction and design work is surprising and reinforces the desire to not only fulfill the dream, however, and get something individual, unique and unforgettable. Pleases use in finishing the pool a variety of materials such as marble, tiles, mosaics, paintings, and more recently, photo design. Only in the recent past a new opportunity to equip your pool fashionable fun accessories: Jacuzzi, water slides, fountains, decorative lighting, a liner of all colors and shades (ornamental film).... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2023 at Green Pride's blog
You can have heard in many ways on how to burn body fat. One of the most popular methods that many people are trying to implement in their daily lives, is shock diet. Shock diet means simply a kind of diet plan controlling eating certain types of food and taking less meals per day in order to achieve the result of low fat and low carbohydrate calories. This is good, but for half an hour, your body needs enough nutrients to feed and make it work for you by burning body fat. Eat more (with caution), and can burn more fat body that eat less (and mistakenly). Keep reading, I'll explore in detail this. A nutritional diet plan is a synonym for a diet plan that can provide you with essential nutrients you need, while you eat wisely, and in time means you can burn the body in effective way with the perfect metabolism rate. It has been said keep a calorie deficit to burn the fat stored in your body. It has said that the loss of 3,500 calories can burn a pound of body fat. You are absolutely right! However, you must do it the right way. If... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
In Russia, Internet auctions are very promising market. Success of the Internet auction site eBay is not allowed to sleep peacefully for many vorotilam e-business. But despite this, you can name just one auction of which in Russia knows almost all Internet users - is auction "hammer". He has been around for ten years, but, nevertheless, to the popularity of Internet auction eBay to him very far. Why is this happening? In what fundamental difference between the now international marketplace eBay and domestic Internet auction "hammer"? According to the experienced users of Internet auctions, the root cause of the popularity of eBay among Russian-speaking users lies in simply stunning range of products. Our countrymen are willing to learn English, use online translators and intermediaries, just to get access to amazingly inexpensive technique, which is represented on the Internet auction site eBay. Only here you can find a modern and powerful laptop at a ridiculous price of $ 200, and then another, and a bargain to 100. On the Internet auction site eBay are often sold things which will appear in local shops only a year or two. And it is not necessarily going to be things that were in use.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
Women of any age remain young at heart, but, unfortunately, appearance over time begins to lose its former freshness. And, suddenly, we are ready to make any sacrifice in order to learn the secrets of rejuvenation and restore the beauty of face and body. Since ancient times, the magic of rejuvenation attracted women, they tried to invent different ways in order to achieve the much desired effect. But now everything has become much easier! Because now it is possible to use as secrets sent to us by previous generations, and to use advances in modern medicine, which has achieved unprecedented progress in this area. Not necessarily resort to such drastic measures as a procedure braces - cosmetic cabinets offer a variety of ways. You can achieve the effect of lifting the skin and through such procedures as the Photo rejuvenation, laser polishing, mesotherapy, massage, the influence of ultrasound, microcurrents and lifting agents. In our time must be selected individually to your age and skin type. Modern Beauty offers an extensive range of creams, regular use of which contributes rejuvenation, to improve the contour of the face and reduce wrinkles. The cream should be applied to clean skin lightly along the... Continue reading
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Some characteristics of these "Genetic pets" are: 1. Body made of Bioengineering: Available with seven different personalities. 2. Color Code: Each personaldad is distinguished by the color of the box. Red: Athletic and energetic / Orange: Adventurous, confident and curious / Yellow: Playful and fun / Green: Helpful, harmonious and peaceful / Blue: Communicative and serene / Violet: Imaginative and spiritual. 3. Heart Monitor: with green LEDs and horn. 4. Freshness Indicator: To check the status of Genpet, if it has been a long time in the store or if the package has a breakdown. 5. The toy uses a Li-ION battery-entering dfuncionamiento if the central system, this takes about 3 hours of use, and if it were to fail to change only one service center. These toys supposed to work like this: While Genpets are in the store, are a form of hibernation, each package has a special nutrient that is supplied through a tube added to this, allowing the remains Genpet stayed healthy. They also have a light dispositovo numbered 1 to 4 which show how "cool" and healthy this toy, because it reflects four lights perfect condition and relatively new in the store, if the Genept, has... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
Subsequently, however, this abbreviation was probably the designation of some set of common types of open source software, rather than a specific set of applications. Therefore, while Django uses Python and is not tied to a specific database, philosophy lamp strongly influences the minds of developers Django. It was even a few (mostly humorous) attempts to come up with a similar acronym to describe the technologies used in Django. The authors of this book liking reduction lapd (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and Django), paid (PostgreSQL, Apache, Internet, and Django), as well as the motto Use Django and get paid!, Which literally means "apply Django and get paid!". That developers prefer Django? Operating System - Linux (Ubuntu, or to be more accurate), Web server - Apache with support for mod_python; Server database - PostgreSQL. But we know many users of Django, who chose Other options for deployment and, nevertheless, achieved great success. But, well convenient to write beautifully, but there is a very important requirement for hosting. That he underpinning these technologies. And then deal with the price quite like this I would like. Find a good rails hosting is almost impossible. If it is, it usually works for apache through mod_passenger.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
In accordance with Coast (Apud CODO, 1999): The word affection comes of Latin affectu (to affect, to touch) and constitutes the basic element of the affectivity, set of psychic phenomena that if always reveal under the form of emotions, feelings and folloied passions of the impression of pain or pleasure, of satisfaction or insatisfao, affability or unpleasantness, joy or sadness. Costumamos to use the verbal form of the term to affect, in the direction to influence: what it says on me not affects me. When saying that the human being acts on the way where lives, we are also considering that it of the meaning to the object through its action. (P. 51). Observing that the educator and educating, when inserting itself in the pertaining to school environment outside does not leave of the classroom the affective aspects that constitute its personality, can affirm that, in the educative work a rational learning does not exist mere, therefore to think and to feel are part of learning process. In this way he is this enlace of emotions and feelings that permeia the relation professor pupil in the pertaining to school environment that constitutes one of the primordial ways for the development... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
During the training: During the training of the customer it is of extreme importance always to keep the communication to each exercise using the following criteria; Feed-back: During feed-back, it looks for to know of the satisfaction of the customer in relation our rendering of services (attendance, training and results). Prestatividade: It is placed disposal to assist it, to decide its problems, reveals a solution supplier. To be always in communication with the customer: it uses all the lines of communication with the customer (verbal, visual and gestual communication). Compliments: It looks for to praise the customer constantly, therefore the positive reinforcement is extremely important in the relation Professor-Customer, only takes care with excesses. Correction of physical execution: The correction of execution is a very delicate moment in the act to take care of, to facilitate the understanding goes dividiz it in three stages. 1 - Positive reinforcement: Before carrying through properly said the correction, it uses the positive reinforcement, it makes compliments. 2 - Moment of the Correction: After to use the positive reinforcement, makes the correction of the movement. 3 - Positive reinforcement: After the assimilation of the correction praises again. Now he is perfect. Anticipation of necessity:... Continue reading
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The CeBIT is one of the most important trade fairs in the Federal Republic of Germany escort Hamburg-escort Berlin, escort Hannover with beautiful ladies. 2012 the computer fair CeBIT in Hanover, invites numerous exhibitors and visitors from all over the world in the period from 06.03 until 12.03.2012. Whether you are interested in the latest technology for the home, want to learn about the latest gaming monitors or you are correct the Laserbeamer BenQ - at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Also we - Bellevue, the escort agency Hamburg - have set us on CeBIT and would like to introduce our charming escort ladies. The attractive ladies will accompany you with pleasure to the CeBIT Hannover. Your chosen escort will provide large crowds to your booth for information technology or your stand for telecommunications. A beautiful woman is finally getting a lot attention. Moreover, you should know that our escort ladies are excellent mediators, they talk but several foreign languages. Thus, there is no With your booth visitors have communication problems. You are guest in Hanover, Germany, to attend the CeBIT, we would recommend also our escort girls. The charming escort ladies can visit with you that CeBIT Hannover 2012 want... Continue reading
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And it is a piece of lively inclusion." The created two slugs artworks were presented for the first time publicly in the context of the final press events. In the future, they will have their pride of place in the two school buildings", as Thomas Topp, head of cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG, based in Hannover, Germany. And they will bear witness to there by a perfect project, which was a great experience for all involved for many employees from our company. Our modern hearing implants allow numerous highly hearing impaired people to hear ertaubten children fully, to learn spoken language, and to develop diverse. To take forward the important topic of inclusion, is very close to the heart. And a really nice experience was to fill the big word, inclusion together with children with life for us." Small film contribute to the project, the television of the local TV channel h1 - Hannover"has produced, will find you under. Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss.... Continue reading
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My wife and I took us almost a year to identify the sounds of Daniel. Another big problem is that if you have tube into the stomach, do not give all the food suddenly liquefied, but slowly and occasionally pulling it with a light bulb is not sticking to the probe. My wife learned how to change the person every 20 days on hygiene. We must avoid at all costs infections and fevers, to prevent severe breathing problems. The home must be VERY clear of dust, and INCLUDING people who treat their parents, should wash their hands continuously and disinfected with a little rubbing alcohol will thin your child weight, as it has the normal movements. Need a lot of teeth but do not eat by mouth, because caries is the enemy of a child with this health problem. DANIELA been 5 years ago more or less a year smiled again. Left with severely damaged sight, does not eat by mouth but by gavage in the stomach, has quadriplegia in the 4 limbs but SMILE. I discovered that music therapy could establish patterns of communication. Since I am a musician, he produced for her especially an audio CD called POPULAR... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
The blood is placed in a test tube and centrifuged for 10 minutes. During the rotation we obtain a rich platelet plasma. The process is fully automated and does take 14 minutes. Further injections are made into the region gums, where he found the pathological focus or the depletion of bone tissue. - That is, if the bone tissue is destroyed, then you can achieve recovery without her reconstructive surgery? - Everything depends on the volume of destruction. Quite often in inflammatory processes bone tissue as it melts and there is a strain. Until occurrence methods plazmoliftinga only method of treatment was surgery, when the place of the lost bone was inserted a piece of jaw or prosthesis. Today is traumatic and painful operation can be avoided. In addition, this technique has been used successfully by implantation of teeth, when as is necessary to stimulate growth of bone tissue. I can confidently say that we - the only clinic in Moscow, where they can guarantee 100% engraftment of the implant. The healing process is reduced by more than twice! Application plazmoliftinga in periodontitis improves the healing of periodontal tissues, increases the growth of blood vessels, collagen, reduces depth pockets. It... Continue reading
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Breast cancer is one of the most predominant tumors among women and is caused by an abnormal growth of cells in the breast, and may even spread to other organs in the body. For the cure of breast cancer, its detection on time is very important and most widely used for this purpose tests are:-self-examination and clinical examination: self-examination is based on observation and breast palpation by women to detect irregularities. The auto scan is recommended on a monthly basis to all women over age 20. The same woman is capable of timely detecting injury when it does well and even though you don't have a very big impact on mortality, lesions in the early stages of the disease are detected and the majority of breast cancers are detected by the same patient, discovering a lump or nodule. After the detection has to be a clinical breast examination with what should be a complete medical history of the patient. Medical history includes the family history of breast cancer and hormone status. Clinical breast examination is based on a physical examination of the breast with its palpation, overseeing addition nipples and armpits. With the physical examination of the breast are allowed... Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2019 at Green Pride's blog
Natural fat brake psyllium overweight burden the body considerably - serious diseases may be the consequence. Too much weight can stress also the soul. Who has now a few kilos too much and want to do something for his health and well-being should decrease. Then, you can enjoy the warm season to the fullest. Sport and a low-calorie diet are helpful. But that alone is not enough. Now to access, dubious diet pills with unexpected side effects would be fatal. A natural high-fiber diet, which contains for example the especially effective psyllium peelings as purely herbal swelling agents is better. Fitness for the intestines with dietary fibre fiber are not "Ballast", but indigestible plant fibres, which can train the bowel in a completely natural way. Thus digestion is going to swing and is regulated in a gentle way. New studies have shown that in this context the psyllium peelings particularly effectively and at the same time gentle impact. Psyllium are known for a long time, traditional plantain kind that can bind the forty-fold their own weight in water. Thus the fibres swell and result in a voluminous mass, which can train the bowel to the desired, healthy equity movement (peristalsis).... Continue reading
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Bodybuilding is an exciting sport that requires proper training and optimal nutrition. Here you will learn the basics to maximum training successes with the right training plan. Why the right training plan is crucial training plans of various species with particular specializations are an important part in the life of a bodybuilder. While it's not so much, whether or not operated this kind of sport in professional terms. Basically, it is as a whole indicate that competitive sports, such as bodybuilding, not without a present plan of professional training in the gym should also be trained in an intense power and. This goal and can obtain aimlessness is significantly negative physical effects, but also the less serious case, namely a complete lack of success, is a side-effect"that can occur without a training plan. On comparison on the construction of a House is perhaps apparent that the body needs as only certain areas, before the actual building of muscle can be started. A house without a plan drawing would be unstable - as well as a body which not provides the appropriate service and at the same time tends to damage. Who discovered really his personal sports or his personal life... Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2018 at Green Pride's blog
Catering holiday regardless of whether short-term or annual leave, no matter whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter, a holiday must always be and should enable the travellers relax and the correct distance to everyday life. The hotel Portal informs about the optimal decision support. Each hotel has touted its individual strengths, promises comfort and offers special services to its guests. With the hotel lexicon by, resourceful tourists now have the opportunity to inform in advance about hotels in the different classifications, the individual services and service packages, as well as about typical terminology. For example the term full Board "." Tourists with a great discoverer urge prefer usually deals with half-board. You eat breakfast and dinner at the hotel, where usually a buffet available to them. Lunch is supplied then go on trips in the region itself. The Board, however, provides the guest early, lunch and dinner with a Meal. The difference to the all inclusive offer are the viruses alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and ice cream and snacks. You must be paid a full Board itself. Who so just relax let and regularly uses the many offerings of the resort, certainly has his meals regulated at... Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2018 at Green Pride's blog