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Terry, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for sharing your crop failures and the warning they pose. I'm lucky my life isn't completely dependent on what I can grow. I know if I had to produce a substantial portion of my yearly caloric needs by my own labor, the hobby garden days would be over and my daily life would be vastly different. We home gardeners can work in concert with the community gardens springing up in so many places, and with commercial farmers who are developing sustainable farming methods.
The Blog "Green Seniors" at was started by Keith Farnish of the UK and Joyce Emery of the USA in late 2006. There is no official membership to Green Seniors--it is a global movement by older people (who may be vigorous fifty-somethings, there is no age requirement) to work for the future of the planet and well-being of the next generations. This blog attempts to recognize some of the ways green seniors work to better their own communities, as well as the larger environment. In working for greater sustainability of communities and lowering our ecological footprint, we find satisfaction and a special happiness in life.
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Note there is an update to this post as of July 11--see bottom of post.
Carol, sorry I had to chuckle at your ground hog predicament. It made me remember the time, when we lived in the woods, that I put out a brand new door mat on the front porch--one made of natural fiber. The next day I found it eaten to shreds! That was my introduction to the ground hog resident under our porch. I'd keep those chicken wire fences for next year if I were you...
Dear Terry, I can't begin to tell you how pleased and heartened I am to learn about you and the level of activism on Salt Spring Island. You are the kind of role model that and thrives on, and you give strength to all the rest of us. I have not kept up with my blog activism as I should, so your finding GreenGranny now and reading back items is a terrific lift for me. I am a role model only to a modest, relative degree. I do accept your label of tenacity, however, because working almost full time (albeit from home) to pay expenses of family in need, tending a small vegetable garden, pedaling a bicycle for most errands, and spending quality time with six grandchildren (one or two at a time) leaves little time for anything else. Thank goodness my husband does the cooking--"slow food"--so I eat well. I am 66. I look forward to reading your website and blog! As for helping, what I'd like most is for the senior activists featured on Green Seniors to have a wider audience (and a blogger who keeps up with their new accomplishments--but that is for me to fix). Thank you very much for commenting. I will visit your site and please re-visit our two sites when new material is posted.
This blog was created to allow many people to exchange ideas on how to establish a community fruit co-operative. The purpose would be to assist persons having fruit trees on their property to harvest and distribute the fruit. Recipients would include the tree owners if they desire and the local... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2010 at Community Fruit Co-op
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Mar 15, 2010
Tom, we appreciate the tip on these "green" senior residences. Green Seniors aspires to help make such places aware of one another around the world. Please, if YOU are in the area, let them know about our website at Joyce at Green Seniors
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I deleted some comments because a commercial name or website was included. Please, no advertising. This is a totally non-commercial blog, done as a service during my free time. I welcome appropriate comments and thank all who have done so without slipping in the ads. If you are selling something, don't try to sell it here.
Agree on the cost. I think some of the other hurdles right now to RV home maintenance are: 1) Most of us have a lot more experience with traditional home maintenance and repair, and RV construction and systems are new to us. Information on how they actually work seems difficult to obtain, proprietary to each manufacturer. 2) While it seems like RV living is widespread in the USA, availablility of parts, expertise, and labor is harder to find than going down to the local home improvement store. 3) My hope as an environmentalist is that RVs are driven or towed around the country much less as time goes on. If the trend started by the recession does continue, it will negatively affect the RV market and there will be even fewer service options and replacement parts for those living in RVs. Result: very poor people will live in RVs and others desiring small greener homes will make different choices. 4) A hint to the growing market in small, modular, more sustainable home designs--in order to ramp up on these, we need standardized parts and locally available service outlets. Partnering with existing RV and/or modular home manufacturers to produce static modular homes that use less energy and materials than traditional homes would seem to be a win-win situation. I believe some partnering has already occurred.
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Thank you, everyone who has commented.With your encouragement I will go forward on this topic. And yes, the togetherness that my husband and I experience in our little abode is a contrast to losing each other in the big house, where we spend too much time in separate rooms. Most activities are more enjoyable when done in each others presence. The older we get, the more we treasure time together. Our trailer is coming up on its 5th birthday. Five years of sun and heat (whether or not we are staying there) and months-per-year use of mechanical systems are beginning to take a toll. We've tried to take meticulous care of our trailer, but maintenance and repair of an RV is a learning experience. More about that soon--your comments and experiences welcomed!
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What an excellent topic for study and action! Thank you Andrew for contacting Green Seniors, and we hope to look at your website and respond in a private email very soon. I have been out of town on business and just returned.
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Harry in Houston, networking is what Green Seniors is all about. Please visit often. No need to wait until you achieve "senior status" to get involved in the movement to reduce our ecological footprint and improve the earth for future generations.
Ricardo, the world has never needed your help more than it does right now. We hope you will visit the Green Seniors site often and explore the additional major environmental sites in the left column, and the extensive lists of resource sites in the right column. Please also sign up for the monthly Green Seniors Bulletin (scroll up/down till you see the Bulletin box in the left column of this page). Thank you for taking part!
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