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This post should be re-titled: 10 reasons why I'm a normal mother Just contemplating whether to put my wine down after a long day of commuting, work, cooking and bedtime routines and do a wash or to scrape the snot off the school cardigan sleeves and squirt some perfume on it. My kids' hideous Fur Real dog has been missing in action for some weeks now....
Hi all, I agree with Lizzy_o, Seesmic is great for the iPhone too and can help aggregate Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too. One of the issues with social media is pulling all accounts together effectively and Seesmic really helps with this. I've posted some more Twitter Tips on the 'Twitter Ettiquette' discussion on the BMB Group: Hope these help. I'm reading your other tips with interest. Michelle
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Oct 5, 2010