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Kristi Darling, Thank you for today's valuable life tip....just when I needed some direction to enjoy my trials, quit grinding my teeth - move forward. I think I will walk around my village and see how many plants I can buy from my neighbors for my little terrace garden. I love you Kristi - you are always here when I need you. XOXO Mom
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Dec 23, 2011
Good Morning my little Angel, I am so proud of you for showing up for today's FWAD...I don't know if I could have delivered such a thoughtful post this morning. I would still be in bed in a daze. I know that after your first photo much more bruising has occurred and that your eyelids have almost swollen shut. I am still laughing after our phone conversation on Saturday when you told me one of the harvesters popped you on the back of the head reminding you to do something, and another caught you sitting at the kitchen table staring into space and then proceeded to tell you how hard they were all working and what were you doing sitting around in your hat. Are you still keeping your surgery a secret in your everyday life. I am amazed at your strength and humility...I have learned over the years how tough you really are, but this takes the cake. Through this ordeal you must now learn to pamper yourself - and I hope JM will pamper you too. I want to see a big bouquet of flowers in the next post - plus I think JM should brew you some private label cases of grape juice to honor you for this years harvest...with your own label! I am now giving you my beautiful black Stetson (the one you gave me after my breast cancer surgery). Also I am going to paint my favorite hat with symbols of you, perhaps I will cover it with words that you have brought to life through your writing. I am just so happy that you are back and your sweet spirit has not been broken. I LOVE YOU MOM
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Dearest Margaret, What a delight to find your post this morning...loved every word and wished I was there with you and Portia. XOXO JULES
Hi Kristi, You are on the right track - so happy you took your little fledgling (is that the word) out for a little touch and go (my old pilot's term) when I was testing my wings at Scottsdale Air Park. Don't they have magazines like 'Seventeen' - I think that was the magazine for teenagers back in the 70's. Oh my, I guess I am really a Grandma.... I can't wait to give Jackie lessons when I arrive. I loved your post Kristi, almost all of the mom's can identify with this lovely story. XOXO MOM
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HAPPY EASTER MY BEAUTIFUL KRISTI I have so many thoughts to share with you on this special Easter morning. I always remember our first real celebration of Easter in 1980...I know you have an old photo somewhere of that moment in were probably about 10 years old when I found out about Easter. I wish you were here with me this morning so we could wait together for the Sun to rise in our garden filled with candles and all of our lovely flowers. I know in my heart that you remember that one special Easter, just the three of us together. Heidi would have been 14 and a little taken back by this new-found faith her Mom brought back from Switzerland a few months before. Now, thirty years later we have a deeper perspective of all that God had planned for us when He showed us the mystery of Jesus on Easter. What a ride through life this has been!!! Little did I know that you were the one who was already dreaming of France, I was busy preparing Heidi with French lessons so she could be the one to go on and live my dream. God works in mysterious ways. All my praise and love to God this morning for giving me a Savior (no one ever needed one more than me!) Yes - I am alive this morning and filled with love and expectation about my life again. Thank You God for sending Kristi into my life 43 years ago - what a walking (and writing) treasure chest of of little jewels she has proven to be. I will be back later to ramble on about all of my happiness today...most of all Thank God I am alive today to celebrate life. XOXO MOM
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Jan 25, 2010