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Greg Schmalz
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Just think of all of foreign foods we adopt in this country, RepMan, that contribute to our unhealthy lifestyles. French fries, Italian pastry, Chinese egg rolls and the list goes on. Maybe we should exercise while we work. How about developing a mini cycle that can be hidden under our desks so we can pedal while we talk on the phone. Or, how about putting on a headset while walking on a treadmill in the office so we can talk to our clients at the same time. We think that animals are stupid, but maybe we get one of those big giant wheels for the office that we often find hampsters on. While we are "spinning our wheels" we can use it as a brainstorming session, yet burn off calories in the process. Let's see whatever creative ideas your readers can contribute. We might be able to start up our own product line.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on Instant Recess is gonna get you at RepMan
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Dec 1, 2010