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Funny how the pro-homosexual argument is often based in "biology," but yet that same biology (in this case chromosomes that unmistakably mark individuals as either male or female) is denied in the case of "trans-genderism."
Rob--I think I will match you this week. The movie is leaving the local art house so I will see it either Weds. or Thurs. When I saw this both previous times, some folks walked out early on. The review I referenced was the only one I saw before viewing that grasped the spiritual foundations. Comments at the NY Times (I love the Times but get riled at their hostility to traditional religion, esp. Christianity) mostly dealt with "Tree" qua art, with many postings about how cool the movie was, but how the themes were opaque to them.
Rob G's comments are spot on, as is the original review by James Kushiner. My wife and I went to see this on July 4th: I found myself weeping (with joy, not despair) during much of the film. We saw it again a week or so later. It elicited much discussion between us; others I know who saw it were also moved, but some found it opaque. It helped that I had seen a review by Catholic priest (link here: who brought out some things for which to watch. Malick has made a glorious career of depicting the beauty of creation with fallen humans doing what fallen humans do. This is an intensely moving piece of art with a devastating spiritual impact.
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Aug 22, 2011