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a lovely story. also reminded me why moms are awesome, even when we didn't know it back in the day.
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Sounds like a local version of the Russian subway dogs. when smart dogs figure out Muni, I think they wlll take over Muni....
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Apr 13, 2012
Greg added a favorite at Sparkwood & 21
Apr 13, 2012
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Feb 1, 2012
I can't remember the name of it, but there used to be an anime series about bartenders in Japan. Each episode would feature a different cocktail or spirit, and so on. I'm sure I've got a few episodes on a CD's funny how they make animes and manga about anything over there.
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That's interesting....never heard of these dogs! in Moscow, there are dogs that have learned how to ride the subway to find food, etc. They have become so smart, they navigate complex routes hopping from line to line, and they even have sectioned off various sections as different dog packs' "turf." I read an article where a scientist was saying that if the self-selecting breeding continues (dogs on the subway look for other smart dogs) within a few generations, they may become a distinct species of animal not entirely 100% dog, due to their intelligence and navigation skills!
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KARSAN's product makes me think of that episode of the Simpsons when Homer has some weird car and the guy tells him "It gets 50 hectares on a liter of Kerosene!" and when Homer can't drive it he yells "Put it in H! Put it in H!"
The TSA is nothing but "security theater," made up of people who think they're going to be the next Jack Bauer, when in fact ,they are overpaid security guards with an attitude problem. Time and time again, people have shown how easy it is to fake a boarding pass with a laser printer, bypass security, and so on. The fact that TSA "screeners" are abusive and jerks just ads to the fact that you and I and all of us are way less safe than we think we are. Israel has dealt with worse, and not only is the security better, they also avoid that whole "molest people" thing too. Let's ask Israelis to help us out, and let's let the thugs in high school with a God complex back out to the unemployment line.
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everything they say about the bagels is's the water among other things..unlike some places out west that basically serve you a hamburger bun with a hole in the middle...
YIKES! that sounds terrifying. glad you are ok. burns are the worst.
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awesome. you can imagine some of the networks I find when I'm out and about with my laptop in SF. I remember in one neighborhood while using my computer outside at a cafe, I counted no less than 4 networks with totally bizarre names, and about a dozen "netgears". Mine of course is "Colonial One."
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This is odd for several reasons: 1. for years, the USPS has told business customers who send zillions of pieces of mail into the system, that if a service day was cut, it would not be Saturday, but instead, Tuesday. There are many reasons why cutting Saturday service would hurt USPS revenue and business, too many to list here. 2. The USPS gets no subsidies from the US Government, so it has had to pay the full cost (minus a small one time donation) of upgraded security post 9/11. They have also had to fund the automation of the USPS out of their own pocket. So there's reasons beyond the Internet why they're having troubles. 3. Any alternative service for sending home delivery mail would be very very selective in the markets it would serve. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you'd pay less to mail a letter to rural Arkansas or Alaska with an alternate carrier - if they'd take it at all. FedEx, UPS, and DHL have entire regions they will not deliver to under any circumstances, and none offer guarantees the USPS does, particularly with parcels. When I was constantly shipping print samples from our direct mail rusn, UPS would routinely lose 30%+ of our parcels and say "Fuck you!" if we complained. We never had that problem with USPS, who had an entire unit and a police force and inspectors devoted to ensuring our stuff went through on time. Armchair bullshit about how Fedex would send your mail cheaper is that - bullshit. You have no idea how good you have it warts and all with USPS until we break it up, and then one day you'll have mail delivery as great as your cell phone service or your cable service -private monopolies with no reason to give two shits about you or mailing your bills and DVDs on time.
I was very sorry to hear this on the Twitter. I wasn't sure how to react. But, I know what it's like to lose a loved one and right now, I'm likely to lose some more. it sucks and yet you did your auntie a great poetic justice just now..I only wish I could do the same for my loved one.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2010 on My Aunt Shirley at Sparkwood & 21
I deal with a similar thing when I speak at events and then people want a job in consulting or a campaign. I even had one from some 20 something who promised me he'd run for president in 20 years and wanted my advice and consulting now for "free" but promised me a job in his administration. Eeeyeah. This is why I'm glad I quit my job.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2010 on How (Not) to Make It In Hollywood at the slack daily
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