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I think this change in law is being promoted by companies and entities who have more than enough resources to easily hire someone to write their patents. For those of us with great inventions but no resources to file a patent immediately but must research patent law, drawings, etc plus take time to save for patent fees: we will be the losers. So then, why invent new things if we will never get rewarded. The barriers to success must be made equal between those with said resources and the 'little guy'. Getting a patent should be easy enough for a 5-year old to do. I don't mean changing the technical complexities, rather the government/USPTO should be able to take an idea (communicated verballly, written, sketches, etc.), determine its market viability and convert it into a patent (if deemed worthy), or at least mentor said 'little guy'. We want good ideas to come to fruition and get universal protection because this is what drives our economy! Thus, we should be promoting these ideas/inventions to the top proactively! The inventor should be rewarded! Without major changes to the way things are done (and I don't mean changing them as proposed by the 'big guys' with this law), our country will continue to demise.
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Aug 19, 2010