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Greg May
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GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says: "I wish you so-called 'animal rights' activists would lay off aquaria like the Miami Seaquarium and concentrate your efforts to stopping the wholesale slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Oceanariums such as Sea World and Seaquarium provide an invaluable learning experience for the public about whales and dolphins. Where else can someone be awed and fascinated by these magnificent creatures? I am a former Sea World aquarist and believe me, these animals receive better care in captivity than most humans."
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The Miami Seaquarium is one of the world's first oceanariums having opened in 1955. In September 2011 they will be celebrating their 56th anniversary. Also that same month "Lolita" will be celebrating her 41st anniversary at the Seaquarium. For a killer whale to live that long in captivity is a testament as to how well marine parks care for their animals. Read about "Lolita" at:
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GREG MAY of Orlando, FL says: "I will NEVER forget the night I met Grace Jones! Her bodyguard pushed me right up to her face . . . I could see myself in her lipstick! I got a kick out of her accusing Lady Gaga of imitating her! Grace's mentor was French artist Jean-Paul Goude who 'fashioned' her disco act in the 70's from French music hall star JOSEPHINE BAKER. The early Grace would always open her stage act by riding a motorcycle onto the stage as she performed "That's The Trouble". Josephine Baker was riding her motorcycle on stage in the 50's. Also, Grace copied MARLENE DIETRICHT - remember when she was hailed as the "Dietricht of the 80's?" Grace would don Navy whites ala Dietricht in the movie "Seven Sinners" when she performed "La Vie En Rose". I always wanted Grace Jones to do a cover of Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger" to a dance beat. I think it would be a monster hit and so does her former producer, Tom Moulton. Grace is - after all- a Bond girl!
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Jul 2, 2011