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The Imitation Game
Vi Vinnie, call me crazy or only seeing the trees in the forest, but i believe that blockchain has thrown a monkey wrench into S/4HANA migration plans. for some customers, it may not make much sense to migrate or copy the ledgers when they started designing strategies for hyperledgers, which are in the cloud from the 'ground-up' so to speak. thank you, greg
Hi Vinnie, not to take away from other distinguished women and even though it would not really fit nicely on the poster, but i think Ms. Marie Skłodowska-Curie would have liked to keep her maiden name along with her husband's for more than one reason. thx, greg
but it still won't buy you one single #bitcoin, will it?
looking at AMZN stock performance one can't think of anything else but a phenomenal growth, way beyond 10% and i'm hoping AWS will turn out even better than currently promised.
@Vinnie, what makes you think GS wouldn't have won the bid?
Toggle Commented May 25, 2013 on Cloud in a Love Letter at deal architect
agree with lack of quantitative rigor but not with lack of curiosity. accountants still make the best business analysts. i know that from experience.
seems like a poor and defensive explanation why $MSFT has fallen behind $AAPL. it's hard to be innovative with Windows cash cow, but the company has no choice but to imitate others' successes. for an additional insight (or high-faluting commercial to some) you can also see some lively comments of the Win8 tablets here: .
this is good and important topic. there was a clear outsourcing trend before Y2K that continued after the change. the economy is at a different juncture and many hope for some kind of in-sourcing trend. while history repeats itself and trends do reverse one event is not quite a trend.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2012 on The IT Reality Check at deal architect
Hi Vinnie, it was very nice of you to host the link. i didn't hear anything revolutionary, but that ORCL is better than IBM, EMC, and second to SAP. hope to see some demos in subsequent days, though. regards, greg
Vinnie, just like i don't think computing is moving off mainframes, but rather getting extended past PC's into smartphones, space travel is going private but is not leaving public/government domain just yet. regards, greg
Hi Vinnie, while i'm firm in the SAP/IBM camp, it makes perfect sense to me to check out on competition as well. i don't see much overlap between ECC and NetSuite, but more between ByD and the latter. asking for 10's of thousands of new apps doesn't seem fair as even Apple is not writing that many (and the market is saturated IMHO, anyway). i'm with you on location, though, SF seems much more attractive than Orlando unless you have a bunch of preteens with you. remaining perfectly happy in the ECC maintenance stream, greg
Toggle Commented May 19, 2012 on A tale of two events at deal architect
Vinnie, i'm glad Oracle has been treating you well. yachts are beatiful and require quite a skill to navigate. i'm hoping HANA will take us into the atmosphere unless Oracle will show us a different way.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2012 on The Enterprise Cup at deal architect
Vinnie, i don't know anything about medicine or had to use a chiropractor (yet), but if i want to extend the analogy, in my eyes, SAP needs a sports doctor. they need someone or someones as you rightly point out to take the message out to the market. technically, there is no worry about HANA, but to make it wow the clients is much more difficult. they need you and Big 4 to go all the way out and tell their clients how great this new technology is, how fast, and how innovative. i can help them treat their sore muscles. but are you up for it?
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2012 on Why SAP needs a chiropractor at deal architect
Hi Vinnie, GE's annual report may be nice but their proxy statement (and that of their peers as well) is quite dense and not readily understandable without help from your friendly legal counsel. it's also quite apologetic with regards to the company's stock performance in the recent years.
hi Vinnie, i couldn't make a comment sooner as some places don't like the way typepad handles comment section. plus they don't have to worry about time wasted on 'socializing', but anyway, what better to do at home on a Friday night than blog and comment here and there, right? i don't follow baseball and have only recently been converted to American football, so you have to bear with me on this one as well (Go Huskies!). now to the topic at hand, nothing that SAP does is low cost. infrastructure behind SDN is not free, innojams and run better events eat marketing budgets like there's no tomorrow. also, those who comment, don't necessarily do it for free. they take time away from their paid work to do unpaid promotion, especially with tools like blogs and twitter, but SAP is savvy (except maybe for AdVoice) about having them come back to share and check on the latest and greatest and get them excited as they know their day in and day out jobs don't provide it in the corporate IT systems world. this way SAP has a chance to get closer to Cxx suite without undue dependency on SI, most of the software is already installed, so it has to be newer and faster technology that will open the purses. SDN participants are not silly and some of them are looking for immediate rewards, but just like most things in life instant success comes after many years of relentless effort. i actually welcome competition from salesforce, workday, or netsuite as i know they have to win over not only customers, but also the hearts and minds of "ecosystem" and with SAP investing as much as they do in making us happy (not always a perfect hit as both Jarret and Jon have noted), they have to realize they are competing for us as well.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2012 on SAP’s “small ball” at deal architect
Hi Vinnie, after having to suffer through Chase QuickPay service i can confirm that paypal is a real leader in electronic payments. btw, isn't it one kind of enterprise application? hint: treasury. thx, greg PS good luck with publishing your book.
Intel should be happy with HANA and Intel inside Apple has helped me write this.
Hi Stan, is there a way to test drive your payroll solution for one small account? thx, greg
'non-intrusive' is what i like most about this and your other blogs, Vinnie.
Hi Vinnie, while we respect the other side, we can't deny a bit of Schadenfreude or i told you so. since i come firmly from the left (twitterdom), there is little point to reiterate my leanings, even though i don't get a dime directly from either IBM or SAP. so, IMHO, Oracle seems to have been a victim of its own brashness and arrogance: SUN servers better than IBM, fusion of applications that resembles fusion in nuclear physics, negating the existence of the cloud, etc. Bold statements keep coming out, but as we all know proof is in the pudding. so, i'm eagerly awaiting HANA compares with whatever Oracle considers comparable. i'm just a single, small guy, but until i see something better i'm staying in the SAP/IBM camp. i also like seeing through the political parties and tend to vote for someone who has not been created by media for my consumption. Respectfully, greg
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on How can you be nice to Oracle? at deal architect
Hi Vinnie, there's always a risk that we get chumped unless we do it to someone else. i think it's about new channels of communications that create new opportunities (the latest being social media) for the market players to find their niches again. we cannot simply rely on what it used to be when we knew the rules and could even go after the breakers. we still don't know who will ultimately pay the (highest) price so we keep on pushing our businesses, small and large. if i contribute on SDN i invest my own time, but i'm also using my experience from other clients (including the current ones). i never kept all of the billing rates that my then employers and agents were charging and some of them were mind boggling. was i being chumped? maybe, but i was also learning the ropes and can now give back. is it all altruistic? i don't think so, but i'm also trying not to be too much in your face. that's just my nature. SAP benefits, but i benefit also by getting more visibility. could it be all time wasted? you bet, just like any investment at some point it turns into a cost. by that time, we hope to find a new one. Have a nice and joyous holidays, greg PS. this is posted entirely for free and on my dime only.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on We the chumps at deal architect
Hi Vinnie, i checked out the academy and the classes seem to be really short. i opt for iTunes University and both HPI and Yale have delivered superb content, in programming and ancient Greek history, respectively. thx for the link PS. SAP content is great, too.
don't feel like a king, but i remember switching to IT when i was at Gartner and picked up the basics of HTML which i'm still using today. and i'm back to doing intercompany accounting, this time via SAP workflow. next stop, consolidations via BI.
i'm actually surprised that Lenovo has taken market share away from HP: Apple's PC comeback has been simply stunning. so much for tablet killing the PC.