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Just checking back in after a long absence. I'll be reading again for awhile. Won't comment, though, until I feel I understand things better. God bless to all. gregorbo
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2014 on "Close help" from pope continues at life-after-RC
Two Items for the purporses of historical veracity: 1). Benedict's response to the Maciel situation once he became Pope was lightning quick in Vatican/Church terms. It was decisive and, with the help of the Legion and its corrupt supporters in the Secretary of State's office, widely misinterpreted (and continues to be misinterpreted to this day). 2). Father Morris's remarks are circumspect as a result of the still deformative effect of his Legionary formation and the distorted relationship that that methodology has on his relationship with the Truth. This is not to say that Father Morris was personally complicit in Maciel's great deception, but that he's had trouble clearing the smoke of his own deformation. I wish him the best--but when we was with FoxNews and wrote a few columns regarding how badly the priest-sex-scandal was handled by the bishop in Las Angeles, he failed to mention his own membership in the Legion at the time (ethically speaking, from a journalism point of view, this is a pretty obvious lapse). I wrote him to ask him about it and was immediately blocked from sending any missives to Father Morris ever again (and I simply asked the question; I didn't berate him for it in any way). Father Morris may have "gotten out" of the Legion--but it's going to be some time until the Legion "gets out" of him.
Don't be continually seduced by the "good parts" is what I'd add. The "good parts" were precisely those used by the Legion to reel you in. They were recognized and targeted. The Legion had (or has) been good at recognizing that people's strengths ARE their weaknesses. So, don't beat yourself up over being stolen from when what was stolen was precisely the gifts you offered freely to Christ. That's what the Legion looked for, that's what you offered, that's what they took. Your "good times" were suffered (by the Legion) in an effort to entice you to commit more deeply--in an attempt to steal even more. Don't rationalize that crime. Come to grips with your weakness in recognizing that the Legion preys upon that most basic of human weaknesses: vanity. Let that go and don't credit the Legion with "giving" you anything. It didn't give anything. It took what it took (which is not everything). What you gave, you gave in good conscience--mostly freely. But in giving credit to the Devil you validate him in a way that he craves. Resist.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2013 on Important question on healing at life-after-RC
This is a test, to see if my old log in and password work. They do. My prayers and thoughts have continued with all of you here at LARC and I have missed you. In light of the momentous events of recent days, I thought it better to reconnect. Sorry this is off-topic. But I'm interested in a conversation about the intersection of the LC/RC and the resignation of Benedictus from the Papacy. I suggest no connection between the two, in any direct way. But am wondering if others feel, as I do, that events in the Providential design are meant to further our wisdom about, well, . . . everything.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2013 on Suing the Legion 2.0 at life-after-RC
If you are Catholic and attend Mass on Sunday regularly--you have read the entire bible according to to a three year cycle. Plus, the church has set new and old testaments side by side which relate to each other, bridged, as it were, by the psalms. Plus a homily. What more do you need? Go to Mass and pay attention! Blessings! (caveat: I know many are stuck with bad homilies, etc. Keep your head down and pray!).
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2012 on Family or corporation? at life-after-RC
Let us ask a question never asked by Maciel or the Legion--what is a human being? From here, we might make some conclusions about why the Legion has acted in the way it has. I would posit that it has acted in the way it has acted because it never had a philosophy. We love two ways--naturally or philosophically. Maciel hated both ways--but he never (certainly) loved either way. In fact, he never loved. Which is the key to everything. You can spin your wheels regarding why. But you cannot deny the fact: He. Did. Not. Love. That explains most of what you are talking about. if not all. I think. Since the universe runs on love and we have free will, the only stumble we can encounter is our fight against the general rule of things. Okay. It proves that we will. I'm okay with that. But don't capitualate to mere laws when you were made for higher things.
Regarding the SWOT for the Legion/RC: OMM!* *Oh my Maciel! ~it's my new non-offending-to-God-oath
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2012 on Driven to our knees at life-after-RC
I understand that the Legion represented to them something that was missing from their home Dioceses and Parishes--there is no doubting this. But not by their own testimony. Even still--their reality was their reality. The fact is, however, it has changed. What has not changed, however, is either the nature of Man or the perfect Nature of Christ. So long as they continue to focus on the real truth, they will find their way to their fulfillment in the grand scheme of things--but as they insist upon their own version of what that looks like? They will remain Legionary/Regnum Christi. There is no fear for them if they abandon the Legion or RC. The great fear is if they embrace their own abandonment of Christ Himself--which was Maciel's project all along.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2012 on Driven to our knees at life-after-RC
I sympathize deeply with those women and men who cannot bring themselves to admit that that which they devoted themselves wholly were decieved. After all, consider that Maciel and the Legion (the latter members and followers, mostly unwittingly) held up an image of an icon of virtue as the duplicate of Christ which turned out to be the cruelest kind of lie. But these beautiful people, each and everyone for the most part, really did devote themselves to Christ, even if it wasn't Christ's ways that were held out to them as the method to their redemption or the salvation of others. Hence--the hook remains: the hook was Christ Himself. This makes Maciel's own diabolism most clear. What better bait to use to ensnare the souls of the faithful but the Son of Man and Redeemer Himself? Maciel took advantage of a period in the Church that is rife with corruption and bad Catechism. Hence, those ensnared by Maciel were looking for what he seemed to offer them: a better and purer way to live their own devotion to Christ and His Church. That they have belatedly discovered that Maciel was as true "wolf" in sheeps clothing is hard. What they need to do is recall that which prompted them to come to the Legion in the first place--recognize the bait and switch, and then look out the window for the source of the true Light of their inspiration and re-dedicate themselves to finding the source that inflamed their spiritual desire in the first place. The Legion, in my estimation, is not interested in aiding them in finding the true source of their own Humanity--but Christ will never cease to call them. And, for this reason, I pray for them constantly.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2012 on Driven to our knees at life-after-RC
They make promises, Dingledore--and these, canonically, are private (but represented in the past as binding in a way that they are not). Now that groups are asking to leave and attach themselves to their local Bishops, this is going to cause a kind of problem for the LC--since it will aquaint those who leave with the reality that under their Bishops, they may find a measure of canonical protection (depending upon the level of consecretion they are allowed) from the Church that they thought they had all along, but, in reality, they never, ever had. What the Legion is working hard not to reveal to the RC consecreted is that literally and canon-law-wise the LC has absolutely no authority over them and never did (the ugly side of this is that the Legion exerted spiritual and practical control over them, and exercised it thoroughly, but never had any practical responsibility for them--regarding their age related infirmity, their retirement, their healthcare, etc).
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2012 on Driven to our knees at life-after-RC
Blessings to Giselle and all of our friends and participants here at LARC. "He is with us." Rejoice!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2011 on Christmas Novena at life-after-RC
to explain the connection between LC and Liberation Theology. Can you cite authoritative sources for Maciel's love of Liberation Theology and its rootedness in the genesis of LC? I think ou have something to offer here, since it is genuinely new. So--please enlighten us. Show us Maciel making Liberation Theological arguments for the existence of LC in Mexico during the time that LT was "needed" there. Show where Maciel explains to me and Benedict how Marxist Ideology is NOT anti-Catholic when it comes to the definition to the human being. Show how Liberation Theology is NOT heretical in your own words. Because it is heretical. Marxism is athiestic necessarily--Marx posited it himself. Lib Theo seems to want to rescue Marxism from something it has no interest in being rescued from. Legionism is not Marxist. It is Fascist. You need a better education. And you need to make your own arguments and you need to stop relying on other people to tell you what you ought to say and think (which is a Legion trait). But if you want to--go ahead. I'm game. Make your argument: how is Maciel's love affair with anti-communist fascism secretly Marxist, athiest, so-called south american Marxist "Liberation Theology." Plus--explain how that yields sexually abused seminarians and two concubines who don't know who their husband actually is and sons and daughters the don't know the identity of their father and who HE tries to rape. Ready. Go.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC
Who is John Allen? Whyn't you quote and explain the "source" of the secondary source, John Allen, you cite? Further--John Allen is no friend of the Legion. But I still want you (YOU)
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC
"Families: Become what you are!" A clarion call. Here's what it looks like-- I have a daughter. She's in college. She's been to Australia to be with Benedictus (World Youth gathering--non LC/RC). I see her face and wonder at the uniqueness with which I participated in making it and wonder more that it is its own thing. I marvel at her individuality--I catch my breath that she is "what she is" despite my being what I am--a "poor sinner" (God forgive me). I did the best I could and yet she is better than the best I could do. Amazing. I have another daughter. Once, she was so crest-fallen and despondent that, me, a man, literally gave her the Moon. As tears spilled from her eyes I directed her gaze to the night's sky and said--"Do you see that?" She said "what?" I said, "That. The moon. It's yours." She gasped quietly. I put my finger to my lips--"Don't tell anyone," I whispered. "It's yours." It still hers. She knows this. My son--the elder one. He has always smiled. He is Icarus. I fear for him because he lives--he flies too near the Sun. He loves (he cannot help it). I admire him--because he's brave enough to be himself. His body is a skin that covers emotions he cannot express. He's rare. He runs. He leaps. He succeeds. But without words. He will express God's grace physically--it's all he can do. He's beautiful. My son--the younger. He's Aristotle (that's what his uncle calls him and he's right). He wants to know. The world frustrates him. He frustrates his mother. He's so smart he's scary sometimes. Once, I explained to him why the earth didn't "fall" (even though it does) in space. At the end of explanation (he was four years old) I asked, "Do you understand?" He said, "I hear what you are saying." He did. Turtle all the way down. He gets it. He gets me. He's a gift. My baby. My wisdom. Loves without pretense. She's very young. But her bright love and lack of guile teaches me every day. She's a testament to the good of humanity as God intends it--we are good--he wants us to be who we are. She is who she is. She can only know people for who they really are--not who they would like her to see. She's got a lot of my own father's mother in her: no one will cross her, I'm convinced, because she authentically lives. And then there's this: I'm married. None of this is true or, in fact, factual, unless an individual said to me "I do." And, amazingly, she did. I asked her. My greatest fear was that she would say "Yes." Because that meant that she intended for me to be a hero. It's not easy--and I fail a lot. She said "I do" because I asked her to say "I do." And then I was stunned for a moment. Wait. She said, "I do." That must mean, then, that I do . . . too. I appreciate it. For the articulation of "who you are" is the articulation of your living up to your promise--one that you make freely, without coercion, on your own. It's a promise you make that becomes a test of your manhood. And, in that way, it is truly a gift. Hence, marriage is a gift (especially to men--listen up) that is the reversal of the Fall. You ask--she responds. Now you get to find out who you really are. You make a promise--she will give you opportunities to find out if you can keep it. Can you? Mary was asked to make a promise and she said yes. Paradoxically, Christ answers. She (don't read Mary here) is Penelope to your Odysseus. She is Guinevere to your Arthur. She is Isolde to your Tristan. She is Dulcimea to your Don Quixote. Marriage is the antidote to the Fall if Christ's sacrifice was not necessary. It's not enough to offer us salvation--but it is the design by God for getting us through (members of the Church Militant). We are hobbits--we are meant to be happy. We were built for bliss. Marriage gives us the opportunity to participate not in our joy--but in the possibility of the joy of others (over which we have no control). Adam and Eve fell, yes. But they were married. Already. So--there's a hope that we can, through the domestic Church, accept the grace that is offered us--after all, marriage is the only relationship that offers us an example of a completely free and unecessary commitment to a promise. In that, we see the contours of the domestic church. It's a free choice that produces fruit that you are responsible for, even if you don't live up to it. So, in microcosm. . .I'll let you guys make the connections. Bless my wife. She showed me something I would never have known about Christ's love for me without her. Bless my children. They showed me God's love for me and the world had I not responded to Christ's love for me in the person of my wife.
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2011 on As we approach the crèche... at life-after-RC
Yeah--did the research and discovered what Benedict (as the head of the CDF) actually said about Liberation Theology on the record and officially for Mother Church. Huh. Couldn't find anything that "educated" me in a direction away from the truth. Liberation Theology is heretical. There, I said it. But I will add that the idea that Maciel or the Legion ever allied itself with Liberation Theology (except as a circumstantial dodge) is absolutely ludicrous. Maciel LIKED fascists and hated the poor--except when he could use them in posters to soak the Rich. Which was not very often if ever. He liked, rather, like the RC, to use the beautiful and the rich. This might, to a Liberation Theology devotee be a recommendation. It's not.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC
I find it odd that the Monk--who was substantially formed by Maciel's methodology (for lack of a better word) leaves the Legion and years later finds that consultancy for others to improve themselves is the business for which he's best suited. Or maybe not. Because that is what Maciel positioned the Legion to BE for the Church: the Congregation that would show the Church how to do Her God-given job--BETTER and more efficiently. So--now, when there is trouble, the Legion turns to a consultancy group to learn how to do better what the Legion always advertised itself as being better at then anyone else? This is truly rich--in a very Moby Dick-esque way. I'm beginning to believe that the Legionaries--and those whose souls, wills, intellects have been truly co-opted my the Macielian contagian exhibit a truly new category of human folly and sorrow: the inability to see or register, understand, or experience Irony. Well, not folly--since that leads to a comic endiing. Sorrow--well, yes, because it's not leading to a comic ending. To the Monk and asterisk, I'm a pain because I come across as "knowing soooo much" and being "sooo sure" of what I know. I get that. What they don't get is that they come across the exact. same. way. Difference is--I was not formed by a monster. They were. The Monk was trained by the Legion to think that consulting with "experts" was the way to discover the inefficiencies that prevent the human soul from reaching its full potential. And. Ta-Da! The Monk successfully extricates himself from the Legion Borg and . . . becomes a Consultant who helps other humans, um, be better. Okay--how does that constitute extricating oneself from the man who taught you that your value was to be measured in telling other people how they ought to behave? What, exactly, is different about what you do now from what you did then? Is it that now you can call yourself CEO or President and get paid for it? Congratulations! Monk--I know you think (I hope you think, because I've laid it on pretty thick) that I've taken a special interest in you. I have. And so long as you appear here, it's not going to stop. You might ask yourself "why?" Because I don't think the answer is as obvious as you think it is.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on Legion 500 at life-after-RC
What makes an indulgence "different" is circumstance--and what makes circumstance different is either the request or the granting. But the mechanism that vouchsafes the true efficacy of the indulgence is the Sacrifice of Christ. Indulgences are "extra-sacramental" (i.e. unnecessary). A category, I've noticed, the RC and LC seem in which to specialize . . . .
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Let's revisit the "cult" word at life-after-RC
Okay, Scipio, I understand your meaning. (I understand too that I've just skipped over a bunch of conversation, so I apologize if I'm making a point that has either already been made or(and?) refuted: Anyone can request a special blessing, Scipio. If it's for an indulgance, of whatever variety or assigned to some special feast day or observance, is immaterial. What makes it special is not the "granting" but the "request" (which circumscribes but never defines an indulgence, which, itself, by nature, remains an indulgence). What makes it happen is the performance of the duty entailed and promised on the part of the baptised penitent. There is nothing substantially, however, different about one indulgence or another. Only their occasions. Which is completely "accidental" to the nature of the forgiveness of sin as vouchsafed by the Crucifixion. Q.E.D.
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Let's revisit the "cult" word at life-after-RC
One step is "study about subsidiarity"? Well. Good. Given that it was invented by the Catholic Church, it's about time. Good God, I'm glad they found a secular institute out for profit that practices, um, shamanism, to reveal to them something that the Catholic Church has been giving them/would have gifted them for free. As the Legion always says--if you don't have to pay (a lot) for it, it must not be worth very much!
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Legion 500 at life-after-RC
Besides, the Liberation Theological Movement was censured (officially) twice, in 84 and 86, specifically for conflating Marxism with Catholic Theology and distorting (actually "changing") theological definitions to its own purposes by, you guessed it, Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) who has NEVER rescinded the censure in light of anything any liberation theologian (so-called) has (re)written and who has praised the Lib Theo's for exactly ONE thing in their history-- So, Ratzinger tries to be nice and praise the one good thing he can as the pre-eminent theologion both by office and by acclimation, reputation, and practice, about Liberation Theology and you, asterisk, come here and make like a). Liberation Theology and the "preferential" blah blah blah "option" for the poor (i.e. God plays favorites and likes poor people better than rich people) is now mainline because it corrected its past errors (not true) and b). that the Legion is somehow was twinned with the rise of Lib Theo in Mexico and Central and South America when IN FACT, in anything, Maciel's effort was to align himself with the VERY FASCISTS IN MEXICO AND SPAIN that the Liberation Theologians adopted Marxism to contest! Amazing!
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC
I'm sorry--I have to admit to a lot of snark with asterisk. And I want to apologize. I've just never heard of a connection between Liberation Theology and the Legion. Ever. I'm not asking to be educated on this front. In fact, I don't want to know about this novel defense of sexual abuse of seminarians by Maciel. In fact, study though I might, I can't find a defense of sexual abuse of minors--biological or not--by anyone, let alone an ordained priest--in any of the links or citations that asterisk has provided in defense of Liberation Theology. Being aquainted with Liberation Theology myself, I can imagine defenses that include such deviations, but it's an avenue that has little to do with what this discussion board cares about, so I'll not pursue it farther.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC
Okay--I'll bite: can you, asterisk, name ANY indulgence that was vouchsafed NOT for "everybody." I.e. can you name one that was designed for a special group or an individual? Has there ever been any such thing? Ever? Ever? Ever? And if you cannot--why are you "surprised"?
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2011 on Let's revisit the "cult" word at life-after-RC
"I was so surprised to find out that this indulgence is for everybody." Which means they cannot and could never claim it as "unique".
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2011 on Let's revisit the "cult" word at life-after-RC
Because asterisk is a fraud. Can't argue when the foundation of argument is either logic or truth. That's why.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2011 on "A proper autonomy" at life-after-RC
I'm sorry: did your little stupid post actually quote Benedict? No. It did not. It can't. You know why? Because it's a lie. Why? Find me one quote from Benedict that supports Liberation Theology. One.
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2011 on How to move forward at life-after-RC