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the thing that really scares me is that now bush will get his amnesty scheme, allowing up to 40 million new immigrants into the country. that is insane. balkanization is already now a big problem in many places. hispanics will soon be the majority, spanish the official language, al thanks to our "conservative" leader w. bush. the only thing that stood between him and his amnesty plan were house republicans. well, they are gone now. amnesty and his guest worker program will -further increase overpopulation in some urban areas. -further strain schools, pulling down their standards even further. -increase health care cost for americans who subsidide illegal immigrants leeching of our systems. -increase gang related crimes. -put downward pressure on working class wages. (big biz love this, soon america will resemble places like the phillippines: the rich living in gated communities, everybody else living in squalor. -increase balkanization. more mexican reconqusitas, even more billboards in spanish, press 1 for spanish... wow....i`m just really angry right now, i love america, but i hate the way things are going right now.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2006 on Election Results at Davids Medienkritik