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All, I am not fond of Trump and not interested in the protection he has on offer, however the take down of the journalists was like a stand up comic dealing with hecklers. It was a very amusing treat.
I heartily agree with your assessment. Also,you introduced means and opportunity without expounding. Are they threads worth following?
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I've always thought the US inherited the hatred of Russia from the Brits and the Brits hated Russia at least back as far as the Crimean War in 1853. Not saying this as fact and am happy to get updated.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2016 on Is Russia our enemy? at Sic Semper Tyrannis
It appears that in this thread most commentators have picked their side and are looking for allies or evidence to support their argument. Investigators are trying to model a complex system which is not going to give up a simple cause.The economics profession was so bad at this statistical modeling that its hard not to be skeptical. Most everyone is a stakeholder in the climate and it is hard to know if it is a zero-sum game or less. IMO it is hard to imagine that the overall benefit to humanity of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere in some immediate to long term. It is the length time for this process unfolds which seems to be the most contentious, i.e., do we act now or never? You can only eat and excrete in a single spot for awhile. Was it the drought or Turkey damming the rivers or global climate change that drove the tribal rural folks into the cosmopolitan cites of Syria to create the environment for the rebellion? Each part had an effect, but in which proportion? No one wants to take a crack at that without looking un-empirical. I take it as a fact that the sea level on the East Coast of America, that snow packs are shorter in the mountains of the West and that glaciers are shrinking everywhere. My observations of all these so-called empirical events is third or fourth hand, but oddly enough I believe it and think that when I drive my car to the grocery store and buy heavily packaged products that I am adding to the problem. Call me naive. And by the way the acidification of the oceans caused by increases in atmospheric CO2 which may be a nearer problem:
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FWIW these violent street episodes are a reflection or maybe an incantation of the larger power struggles which is reflected in our national politics. There is a palpable dissatisfaction with how the country operates. The accumulation of rewards and power to people controlling our important institutions has corrupted the leaders and trust in the institutions has been shaken. The frustration and anger is being played out with gunfire at the lowest rungs of society. The police and the citizen are now at odds. The simple argument is that in the city all guns be confiscated and destroyed. This will eliminate the immediate effect of gun deaths. Neither the police nor the citizen will agree. Either one seeks dominance over the other. Deep suspicion of authority seems embedded in the human character even when the benefits are overwhelming. Arming everyone would level the playing field, but too much attention would be spent defending against the first move advantage of a deadly one on one fight to the degradation of civility. The blood will continue to flow in contested cities (like Chicago where I live) until a trusted institution (not the Mayor’s office or the Police Union) appears in which a large super-majority of the citizens will freely give up a portion of their liberty in return for their safety.
Back in July, the Turkish EU Minister told the Europeans that the refugees were coming. The material cause was that Turkey had 2 million refugees and could handle no more. Naturally, keeping the western press busy by having them run after refugees through Hungarian corn fields while the Turks continue their nasty business against the Kurds, and getting Erdogan elected as 'President-for-Life" could be a welcome side effect. Still, Merkel was a bit nuts, when she yelled "fire" in a crowded theater by requesting 800k refugees.
CP, Thank you for your cogent remarks. I am in agreement with your assessment and am helped by your understanding of the submarine's capability. Now that this negotiation with the Iranians is over, on what will the Hasbara machine concentrate?
Does Israel's nuclear armed submarines count for anything in the calculus? Because Israel's nuclear program is secret and therefore cannot be discussed on TV does not make it any less a deterrent to the Iranians.
Colonel, Confused gender identity can result epi-genetically through hormones in the endocrine system working at different times during development between the gonads and the brain
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2015 on "Incognegros" at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Colonel, Thanks for the good update. Surveying the players in this affair one can only hope that Obama is only giving a head fake and he is praying that the media oligarchs, their journos, our elected demagogues and the bottomless think tankers will become pre-occupied with something domestic, maybe the election. Anything to slow down this descent into a Levantine meat grinder. Although John Kerry seems to be have trouble picking the meat.
Jack Thanks for the note on the level of analytic discourse on the site. I will refrain. Contextually, is it individuals and institutions pursuing narrow interests that accumulate such a large investment?
We came for their oil and we are staying for their natural gas. This is our interest. The American ideology requires the consumption of energy directed toward machine labor to free American labor from its tedium and thus for Americans to pursue their happiness. We now know that American ideology cannot simply be be applied like software on the human hardware apparatus that we found in the mideast. It is like trying to adopt Google’s Android system for a Commodore 64. It did not work in Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine. The American version of colonization was not to control the entire bureaucratic and security apparatus of a state, as was the case for the 19th century European powers. The American vision was to find a strongman with strong family ties and weak national aspirations. Once identified, the strongman could be armed to provide security for the sprawling investment needed to extract and distribute oil and gas to the west. This strategy has worked since the fall of the Ottoman empire and the territories divided up by Sykes-Picot in 1916. It was a period of smaller populations in larger land masses with weak communications and networks. The security and propaganda apparatus were cheap to maintain and to keep the strongman in place, even through periods of inheritance. The ideological capture of the local military was important and provided an economic rationalization by trading gas for guns. Now, not having a gun is not a rational choice. Our new strategy has to recognize that groups such as IS, the Nusra Front, Hamas, Hizbullah the Taliban represent nascent sovereign states. Not that they will succeed, it is national self-determination that the desire. The status-quo bias in our current strategy seeks to stop the increase in the number of states while doing little to stop population growth. It should be pointed out that in 1916 there were about 60 nation states and now there is about 200. The world population has increased about four fold from 1.8 billion to 7.4 billion. These new people and new countries are not keen on recognizing property arrangements that were concluded outside their existence and in land they now reside. Therefore, I suggest that we allow them the ability to self determine, become nations and struggle with the actual governance of a newly formed state. This would mean the severing of existing contracts, the re-routing of economic rents and the collapse of bloated military regimes and kingdoms, along with the disappearance of many western assets(some possibly in my own retirement portfolio), but, hey, they still got their Islam and I’ll get power for my auto and computer.
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Sep 5, 2014