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In most circumstances, I would object. One of the problems of today's internet is that the ephemeral often becomes permanent. Most comments are ephemeral and do not stand the test of time. Many comments have been made where the permanent nature of them has had negative consequences far into the future. And let's face it, the situation that you describe is the only time, I have ever heard that an old comment has any positive value today. If you don't really have any choice in the matter, I would certainly hope that you can at least leave a current comment noting your approval or disapproval of the old comment. Permaphemera is my word for this phenomenon.
Pen-F now or wait for G9
Mike, you have been around this block before. Your tastes are certainly not 'romantic'. With good reason too, at this point, the style is overused and extremely popular , especially on social media. The present popularity of romanticism is a question of interest as it may represent the some yearning for the real that the virtual can not fulfill. But that is a separate topic or three. Your preferred style is realism and perhaps modernism. Realists use every technical aspect of their equipment to display the world around them. Bokeh, perspective and COLOR THEORY, tonality et al. are part of the whole that makes the work. I think of a modernist as a pessimistic realist. Often the modernist creates images that have a disturbing quality or comment on life. This can be part and parcel of the technique - since often unusual perspective, hyper-focus or narrow depth of field looks unnatural. Finally we also know that you do not have much respect for the post-modern style like Cindy Lauper no wrong one... Shumer .. no ... Sherman - that's the one!! (Pop culture references also have a disturbing level of popularity on social media.)
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Stuff you are missing Many lens innovations - mega zoom, macro, sefie. I own a camera with a 600mm f/2.8* lens! Close to magical. *you know what I mean. Dust - who worried about that in the film era. Lots of early angst, but now seems trivial with material advances and vibrating sensors in interchangeable lens cameras. Video - Canon may have given up on high ISO advances, but they crushed it again with the 5DII. Now you can create video that is better than broadcast quality with the same device that you use for phone calls I can hold my cell phone camera to a microscope or telescope eyepiece and capture a video or digital image. All in all these devices have evolved well beyond the point where 'camera' is an appropriate word for them.
Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life - Oscar Wilde
A victory for form over content. What a terrible compromise that you will have to make. Several other photography related websites (Diglloyd and Ken Rockwell) have become severely deprecated for computer based use since this went into effect. On the other hand Luminous Landscape still looks pretty good.
Much of our human existence is experienced at low light levels and in relatively close quarters. This is not an area of strength for medium format. Olympus' pixel shift high resolution mode is a nod to people who like to shoot in the medium format fashion. But I would contend that most micro 4/3 equipment is designed for low light and close quarter use. In that arena, the image quality is pretty good - but it clearly does not equal what the larger sensor cameras can capture.
Right now you are an amateur coffee roaster. Sure, every once and while, you get it all right but like the ad says: "Amateurs practice till they get it right, professionals practice till they can't get it wrong." Your best is certainly better than the pros - but you just learn from your mistakes. You don't have to throw them out. I mentioned in earlier post that I have been roasting for about 20 years. About 2 years ago, I found that I no longer had to guess or check about my roasts. They always came out right. I roast about 50 lb a year - so 20x50 is 1000 lb of coffee to becoming an expert. The parallel with photography is also clear - and in that arena, you have put in the time.
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You could look into the drum roaster attachment for a gas grill. I have been doing that for about 20 years. If you already have a gas grill, the drum may work just fine if you invest in the rotisserie system.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2014 on Open Mike: Mmm, Coffee at The Online Photographer
Great idea. But this is even easier - gold medal for 2 minute skate, gold medal for 4 minute skate and gold medal for combined. Except ice dancing, only a gold medal for 4 minute skate - but new event. ICE DANCING MARATHON!. How much more Olympic can you get - last athletes standing win!
Dinner at your house could be a dangerous adventure!
Montaigne is the first blogger so it is no surprise that you have chosen his works. Since we live in post-modern times, he must have already written an essay about important books - and indeed that is the case. "Whenever I ask a certain acquaintance of mine to tell me what he knows about anything, he wants to show me a book: he would not venture to tell me he has scabs on his arse without studying his lexicon to find the meanings of scab and arse" - from Du Pédantisme
Mastering exposure is another aspect of photography that is now more difficult than ever. The fact that each shot can have a different ISO means that it can be much more difficult to get a real gestalt for the amount of light provided by a particular shutter speed and aperture combination. It is now like trying to visualize a 3-dimensional graph.
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If you saved the negative, you were planning for this kind of situation - so there is no question that you will make more prints. If you included a piece of the negative with each print (and also kept a piece for yourself) then all owners and you could be assured that the original run was a truly limited edition.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Editioning Moral Dilemma at The Online Photographer
These prices are high but are not as high as they seem. The current MSRP of the price is 128,000 yen which is over US $ 1600. The US is slowly becoming the "grey market" for the more wealthy european and asian nations.
Consider the 21.5 inch iMac with the second monitor. The foot print is still pretty small, but the power is much higher. The issues with the glossy screen are all much smaller with the smaller screen - and I can assure you that the matte IPS panel and iMac screen pair just fine. I have a 22 inch HP IPS panel that I paired with the iMac.
They could have called it the Sony RIP-Minolta.
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