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They'll be quite happy to make invalid complaints. This is bizarre: The combination of a magnesium anode and a sulphur cathode is of great interest because the theoretical energy density of this battery is estimated to be over 4,000 Wh l−1 Practical energy density would of course be an estimate, but theoretical energy density can be calculated very closely: 13.98 15.49 21.03 mL/mol Mg + S ---> MgS -341.8 kJ/mol Left side volume 29.47 mL/mol. Divided by minus-delta-'G' that's 0.08622 mL/kJ, 86.22 nL/J. That's not less than 69.4 nL/J, which is what is implied by the claim of energy density above 4000 Wh/L.
Countries that officially intend to discontinue using nuclear energy rarely actually do so. It is not subsidized. However, it does reduce governments' fossil fuel income, and government dependents apparently consider that because they are subsidized, anything that reduces government income must be too. Or they just lie.