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Ari Gronich
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This is A Great article showing the sheer lack of care and complete ignorance of the medical establishment. Why on earth would a Doctor NOT share information about health and nutrition? This is the question the article asks. How can we have any kind of comprehensive health care reform or preventative medicine when the providers who have the respect of the nation are competely and disgracefully negligent in their duties... It doesnt start however with the providers, but with the educational system for the providers. I was told by a doctor friend of mine that in medical school he recieved approximately 4 weeks total of nutritional training. ALL the while by year 2 the medical students were VERY VERY familiar with all of the pharmaceutical reps and the latest in prescription medication. There is so much that we train our Doctors and Medical professionals on that has NOTHING to do with actual health and everything to do with treating disease. It is about time that our Medical Schools start Teaching about HEALTH care before they teach SICK care and it is really about time that doctors and medical personell who got into the profession to really make a difference and help people take the initiative upon themselves to get educated on providing preventative lifestyle changes that can really be effective across the board on creating a healthier society...
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May 4, 2010