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GROWING UP As a young person age 16, I wounder what these old fools are thinking, maybe they think they are going to pass power to their kids, I promise to wipe out all the mess you old fools are spreeding. You people should start thinking of what is good for the people and not what u or your family will gain, the whole Africa is down because of fools like you people. Please make africa a better place or we the young once will make it when you people must have died in about 20 years max from now, use the little time you people have to make things better for the poor/Africa and stop following the white man like fools. Say no to any form of coruption, bad policy, and my family first cause it will not help things arround. Just for the record, WERE WILL YOUR FAMILY BE WHEN THINKS START BURNING, Think about it. The people's money you people have turn into private banks will be return to the states and or your children will pay with their lives, weather they are in europe USA or Mars. STOP STOP STOP, FOOOOOOOOOOOLS