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Freelancers typically have less stress and more satisfaction. Their one challenge that some struggle with is selling themselves to keep their income high enough. Once they have sufficient experience to attract referrals they will truly flourish.
Hi David, Thank you for the warm welcome. We have Alex Yong to thank for my stopping by. He sent me the link to your post on Skype. Alex became very interested in PR due to the large number of pitches he receives through Cision. Our Blogger Mastermind group discusses guest post and PR requests often. Many are so poorly done that we mostly ignore them.
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Jean - Not "growing up" in PR is an advantage now because it has changed so much. The shift is NOT to "in your face marketing". It is to developing relationships instead. To tame the anxiety, define your goals, determine where the client's audience is, figure out what they want and give it to them. Many will be surprised at a recent focus on social networks of basically sharing pretty pictures and short videos. This is used to grow your audience. People want to be entertained. They interact and share specific types of content. Tools like Infinigraph surface what is being shared within a vertical so brands can use what is already viral to connect, They keep people interacting so they become memorable and stay top-of-mind when they're ready to buy. Even Twitter is becoming image and video focused in their recent design change. Wise users can increase appeal by retweeting and manually adding visually appealing content. Favor that over text alone. Once you do the research that identifies the top places your target audience is active, you can feel confident you are prioritizing where you spend your time. Just remember this can change over time, so you need to revisit it periodically.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2014 on Do you know what Public Relations is? at Web Ink Now
Many of the challenges we have are caused by actions we shouldn't have taken in the first place. When management gives you more than can be done, and refuses to prioritize their requests, sometimes the best course of action is to not act until they ask more than once. In many companies, that second request never comes. (And that's a warning to managers that you are training your people to ignore your requests when you overload them.) If you don't know how to prioritize what needs done next, find someone who does. Hire a consultant or seek out someone who is already successful at what you are trying to do and ASK THEM. One of the most valuable services many of us provide is getting people to work on the next most important thing instead of doing what is easiest "to get it out of the way". Most people's lives are full of focusing on all the least important "stuff" so they never get what is a priority done. Much of what I do is reassuring business owners and managers that hiring the best is worth it. They need to know they are making a good decision and if they do hire the best they ARE.
Those who are opposed to what the protesters are doing do not fully understand how multi-national corporations and banks (often referred to as banksters for good reason) have intentionally damaged our economy. I and others like me support what the occupy movement is doing because we know the solution is to reverse the changes in the Capital Gains tax rates that are causing the huge economic disparity. Low capital gains rates coincide with the Great Depression and what some refer to as The Great Recession. It is NOT the entire 1% that is to blame but that fits more neatly on a sign and in sound bites and the data regarding where the actual cut-off would be is not easily found. I have been searching for it since this began and only yesterday found the actual average income of the top 1% which is over $1.3 million and not the "income split point" of $343,927 being used to get more people to believe they are part of the wealthy elite protesters blame for doing away with jobs, careers, pensions, benefits and hope. A common strategy used by those who oppose a movement is to have infiltrators incite violence and behave badly so they can catch them on tape and portray their detractors in the worst possible light. The same wealthy elite who own the media own the multi-national corporations and banks and control the way the protesters are being portrayed hoping to get many to oppose their actions. The reason we must now protest is that the money of the global elite has co-opted all three branches (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) and even law enforcement with their money. Protests are our only recourse except for what else we need to do: support small business and Fair Trade, buy local, be willing to pay a reasonable price for what we need (not wanting everything for the least possible cost), and to stop supporting multi-national corporations.
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