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You know, it's just so hard to feel like our babies are anything less than "normal". But what is normal, really? Average? The median? And more importantly, does it matter in the big picture? No! I have the opposite problem with my baby girl. She's big. Her brother was big too, and everyone would say with glee, "Oh! He's so big!" With Sophia (who is 9 months and over 25 lbs - 30 inches), people generally ask how old she is first, assuming she's at LEAST a year old. When I say 9 months, I usually get something like "Oh. Um, she's cute." Yes, she's cute, but HELLO. I know she's big. So I end up saying something about how she's big for her age. If she were a boy, no one would blink, unless it were a congratulatory blink. My bottom line is that if your ped isn't worried, and your baby is thriving, then enjoy everything your baby has to give, little, big, silly, quiet. They will change in the blink of an eye whatever we do or think or agonize over anyway. Let's enjoy. ;)
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