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You have impeccable timing, Bob. I was coming to feel that I was the only one who suffered nearly physical pain when trying to get started! And, you hit - bang on - with respect to two things that have been a continual challenge for me too: maintaining voice and 'improving' my titles. As someone who has only been writing seriously for a short time, it is great to know that it's ok to stand up for my own work. I'd rather fail with my own voice (and titles - oh God, those titles) than succeed with another's.
+1 to Jeremy. I believe that the issue of learning (remembering) from digital screens is much more relevant to those with a strong visual memory. Not a big deal for me, but my wife always describes remembering where on the page she could "see" the information, how "deep" into the book she needs to go to find the page, and what the nearby pages looked like to help her more quickly locate the exact page needed. Sounds like a great UI problem for some bright young soul.
From time to time you will pass a signpost that indicates to any and all that you have moved from one level of competence/authority/wisdom/maturity - take your pick. Being referenced in Doonesbury, that's one big frickin' signpost! Congratulations on your promotion.
Wish I could be surprised that this post created such a list of comments - unfortunately, I found just what I expected. Brave man, you, holding that 4 iron up to the sky during the thunderstorm. We're just not quite ready to break the shackles of our Puritan roots are we?
That's great Dan - I've often had the same feelings about the service. 500RT's gave me a good laugh. Reminded me of this piece I read a couple of months ago about frequency of tweets apparently pushing up klout scores (maybe your buddy should just run a bot?.
Creates a climate that allows employees to (respectfully) challenge ideas - particularly those of the boss.
Words are tools - we tend to use the tools the most that have worked the best for us in the past. My wife often uses the butt end of a screwdriver to drive a nail. Makes me cringe, but she always seems to reach her goal. "Goodness gracious sakes alive." That was all the swearing Coach Wooden ever needed. It's just a matter of how you choose to apply your tools.
I always tell the people who work for me the same thing: My job is to hold the umbrella so the shit from above doesn't hit you. Your job is to keep me from having to use it.
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Jun 10, 2010