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Como dice Eduardo Galeano, "en el vientre de este mundo existe otro mundo posible.”...y ya está moviéndose para salir.... "We are seeing the inception of a global insurrection that will not end until the dominant system is overthrown and replaced through a planetary metamorphosis. The mainstream media continues to play down the Occupy phenomenon, critiquing its lack of specific demands. Specific demands are pointless, because the entire political, social, and economic system in which we exist has rotted out from the inside. Demands would suggest that there is a way to reform the present system, but no reformist initiative is possible. (...) As of yet, we lack the language to express the new world that supersedes the old one, even though we feel it in our hearts. The new paradigm that is opening before us demands that we take care of the human family as a whole, redistributing wealth and resources equitably. At the same time, we must cease our destructive assault on the planetary ecology, and engage in a deep practice of environmental restoration. Since the current economic system makes this impossible, we must develop, design, and distribute a new system for exchanging value. The technical genius of humanity needs to be redirected from creating state-of-the-art video games and stock trading programs to strengthening natural resilience, building self-sufficient local communities that grow their own food, and launching social technologies that support collaborative decision-making and nonviolent communication." Daniel Pinchbeck
.... y después de la rutina del Ala Oeste, estás invitado a participar en una realidad emrgente...: "This Friday, October 14th, meet at the tall, red steel structure (the name of which, incidentally, is "Joie de Vivre") at the entrance of Zuccoti park at 4:30 PM for a talk by 2012 author and RS co-founder, Daniel Pinchbeck entitled, "What Comes After Money?: Transforming Society by Creating the Alternative". This Saturday, October 15th, hundreds of cities across the country will host demonstrations in support of the #Occupy movement. In New York City, dozens of community groups, unions, student organizations and lots and lots of regular folk are taking to the streets in a mass protest that will culminate in Times Square at 5pm, then moving (by train party!) downtown."
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"Occupy Wall Street is a work of art, exploding onto a canvas in search of form, in search of an image, a vision. In a culture obsessed with product, the process of creation is almost unbearable. Nothing is more threatening than the moment, the living breathing ambiguity of now. We have been trained to name things, own things, brand things and in doing so control and consume them. Well, the genius of Occupy Wall Street is that so far it is not brandable and that's what makes its potential so daunting, so far reaching, so inclusive, and so dangerous. It cannot be defined and so it cannot be sold, as a sound bite or a political party or even a thing. It can't be summed up and dismissed. What is also most unusual about Occupy Wall Street is that the evolving self-governing practices at the twice-daily General Assembly and the organic way the park is being organized, are literally modeling a vision of the desired new world. A rotating group of facilitators, a constant check to make sure all voices are heard, timekeepers, free medicine and medical help, composting, learning groups, a free library, learning circles, workshops on human rights, arts and culture, history, extraordinary speakers at open forums. I had the fortune to spend the night with a group of about 30 occupiers - the talk could have gone on through the early morning. The depth of the conversation, the intensity of the seeking, the complexity of ideas were startling. But, what moved me even more was the respect, the way people listened to each other and honored and appreciated each other." Eve Ensler
Antonio, creo que esta pieza de uno de los simpatizantes de Occupy Wall Street va mucho mas allá de lo que estás diciendo. Vivo en USA, y la percepción de alguna gente aquí es que esto es un cambio de consciencia colectiva, manifestándose de muchas formas, y ésta es de las más visibles....y se está extendiendo por todo USA... "The truth is dwindling rain forests, spreading deserts, mass tree die-offs on every continent; looted pensions, groaning burdens of student debt, people working two or three dead end jobs; children eating dirt in Haiti, elders choosing between food and medicine... the list is endless, and we will make it no longer possible to hold it in disconnection from the money system. That is why we converge on Wall Street, and anywhere that finance holds sway. You have lulled us into complacency for long enough with illusions and false hopes. We the people are awakening and we will not go back to sleep."
Iluminador: Cómo Gran Bretaña está devorando a su juventud
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Adoro "Loveless". "...el poder transfigurador del sonido, piensa que ciertos registros pueden alterar la química corporal del oyente" Desde los ícaros chamánicos, pasando por el throat singing de Mongolia, a los mantras, todas las tradiciones de conocimiento tienen como saber básico que las vibraciones sonoras empleadas con intención y saber, pueden cambiar alquímicamente la realidad/es...
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Cuando quiero reírme un ratito con periodismo cutre, conecto con Fox News (no mucho tiempo, porque Fox News=Tox News)
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